How To Get The AI Manga Filter In TikTok – A Complete Information

How To Get The AI Manga Filter In TikTok

How To Get The AI Manga Filter In TikTok: TikTok never fails to surprise us with its creative and innovative filters, and one of the latest trends is the AI Manga Filter. This filter transforms your face into a charming manga character, complete with big eyes, colorful hair, and expressive features. If you’re eager to try out this captivating filter and bring your favorite manga characters to life, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the process of getting the AI Manga Filter in TikTok, from updating your app to exploring the various customization options. So, let’s dive in and unleash your inner manga character on TikTok!

How To Get The AI Manga Filter In TikTok

1. Update Your TikTok App 

To access the latest filters and features, it’s crucial to keep your TikTok app up to date. Follow these steps to update your TikTok app:

  • Open your device’s app store (Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS).
  • Search for TikTok in the app store’s search bar.
  • If an update is available, you will see an “Update” button next to the TikTok app. Tap on it to initiate the update process.
  • Install the update and you will have the TikTok version updated and with all new features.

2. Accessing the AI Manga Filter

 Now that you have the updated TikTok app, it’s time to find and apply the AI Manga Filter. Follow these steps to access the filter:

  • Open the TikTok app on your device.
  • Tap on the “+” button at the bottom center of the screen to create a new video.
  • Swipe left to access the available filters.
  • Keep swiping left until you find the “Effects” tab.
  • Under the “Effects” tab, look for the “AI” category.
  • Within the “AI” category, you should find the Manga Filter. Tap on it to apply the filter.
  • Position your face within the frame to activate the filter and see the manga transformation.

3. Exploring Customization Options 

Once you’ve applied the AI Manga Filter, you can further customize your manga character to suit your preferences. TikTok offers a range of customization options to make your manga avatar truly unique. Consider the following options:

  • Hair color: Experiment with different hair colors by tapping on the color palette icon. Choose from a variety of vibrant hues to match your desired manga character.
  • Eye color: Tap on the eye icon to change the color of your manga character’s eyes. Explore different shades to create an alluring and captivating look.
  • Accessories: TikTok provides a selection of accessories, such as glasses, hats, and headbands, to add more personality to your manga character. Tap on the accessories icon to browse and try out various options.
  • Backgrounds: Enhance the visual appeal of your manga videos by selecting different backgrounds. Tap on the background icon to choose from a variety of colorful and whimsical settings.

4. Recording and Sharing Your AI Manga Videos 

Now that you’ve perfected your manga character with the AI Manga Filter, it’s time to record and share your unique videos. Follow these tips for a captivating TikTok experience:

  • Pose and express yourself: Embrace the essence of manga characters by striking dynamic poses and conveying emotions through facial expressions. Let your imagination run wild and bring your manga avatar to life.
  • Experiment with storytelling: Use the AI Manga Filter as a catalyst for storytelling. Create short skits, showcase your talents, or engage in creative interactions with other manga characters on TikTok.
  • Add music and effects: Enhance the overall experience of your AI Manga videos by adding suitable music and effects. TikTok offers a vast library of soundtracks and effects that can amplify the mood and atmosphere of your manga-themed content.
  • Collaborate with other creators: Connect with fellow TikTok users who are also exploring the AI Manga Filter. Collaborate on duets or participate in manga-themed challenges to expand your reach and engage with the community.

5. Sharing Your AI Manga Videos

 After you’ve recorded your AI Manga videos, it’s time to share them with the TikTok community. Follow these steps to effectively share your manga content:

  • Add relevant hashtags: Include popular and relevant hashtags in the video caption to increase discoverability. Use hashtags such as #AIManga, #MangaFilter, or specific manga character names to attract users interested in manga-themed content.
  • Engage with the community: Like, comment, and share content from other creators who are also using the AI Manga Filter. 
  • Utilize other platforms for promotion: Your TikTok AIManga vidoes on various social media platforms that will help your content and your to reach a wider audience.


 The AI Manga Filter on TikTok opens up a world of creativity, allowing you to transform yourself into a captivating manga character. By updating your TikTok app, accessing the AI Manga Filter, and exploring customization options, you can bring your favorite manga characters to life and create engaging content that captures the essence of manga storytelling.

Remember to have fun and experiment with different poses, expressions, and backgrounds to make your manga avatar unique. Engaging with the TikTok community, collaborating with fellow creators, and sharing your AI Manga videos with relevant hashtags will help you gain visibility and connect with users who share your passion for manga-inspired content.

Unleash your inner manga character, express your creativity, and captivate your audience with the AI Manga Filter on TikTok. Embrace the magic of manga and embark on an exciting journey of visual storytelling on one of the most vibrant social media platforms. Get ready to create captivating videos that transport viewers into the colorful and imaginative world of manga!

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