Three Best Ways How To Get Around An IP Ban

It is interesting to note that not all people have a geolocation address, but every device that accesses the Internet has a unique address – an IP address (Internet Protocol Address). This address is based on the TCP/IP protocol. This address is used to identify and track the activity of each device (PC, mobile device, etc.). There are currently two types of IP addresses: the old IPv4 (composed of 4 groups of numbers from 0 to 255) and the new IPv6 (composed of groups of numbers and letters).

Internal and external IP address

There is also a difference between the IP address your device uses on your local network (sometimes called the internal IP address) and the IP address your service provider gives you to surf (sometimes called the external IP address). It’s easy to find your external IP address, but it’s much harder to find your internal IP address. An additional challenge is that IPv6 is currently a relatively expensive solution, so IPv4 is widely used. However, since IPv4 addresses are not sufficient for all users, ISPs add two dotted port numbers after the 4 numbers to provide an additional layer of security. Normally an ISP will only provide one or a few addresses.

Popular reasons for IP blocking

Since each user has an (external) IP address, it is easy to track their activity. These are the most common reasons for blocking an IP address:

  1. If you send too much promotional material.
  2. If you have a fake account or if you have too many accounts.
  3. If you post information that is illegal in this country, this site will be registered.
  4. If you are illegally using someone else’s intellectual property/photos/videos.
  5. If you transmit viruses to other users of the site (think of Anna Kournikova’s photos in your inbox).
  6. If you start communicating aggressively with other members of forums/social networks/sites.

In general, all rules refer to a safe and comfortable environment that is destroyed at the hands of an unscrupulous user. The ban can be temporary (you will be removed from the online community for a period of time to reflect on your actions) or permanent. Locking can be done based on login, IP, MAC address, etc; with IP it is easy to implement.

To bypass IP blocking

Of course, not everyone wants to be blacklisted and have their IP address blocked from resources they need for work or other activities. Sometimes workplace administrators can restrict certain pages. As a result, users have found ways to access the IP address and change it in some way. Here are the top three choices:

  1. Use a proxy server. Proxy servers can be an intermediate link in the chain between the user and the website. A proxy gives the user a new IP address that masks their own. Paid proxy servers offer the ability to change addresses dynamically as you navigate. It is very important to use an anonymous proxy server, because some proxies share your real external IP address with the IP address of the proxy server, so you will be blocked in this case as well. Some ISPs also offer dynamic addresses. To bypass the blockage, disconnect and reconnect to the Internet. A new IP address will then be assigned automatically. Proxy servers may vary according to the protocol used: HTTP, SOCKS 4 or SOCKS 5, SSL, etc. Proxies can be public or private; it is of course better to use a private proxy to bypass IP blocking, but this is expensive. There are many other features that will help you choose a specific device for your needs. Another disadvantage of a proxy server is that the Internet can be slower.
  2. Web anonymizer. This particular site can be used directly on the Internet, without any special software, just using a browser. Just open the Web Anonymizer and enter the name of a site of interest. You will then have access to the full content, but if there are many images, animations and other features on the page, they will not work fully. It is also not possible to watch videos or movies or listen to music on websites. This is the main reason why this solution is not the easiest.
  3. VPN. It is also a link in the chain between you and the website. A VPN encrypts your online activities. Your IP address is not visible; the website only sees one of the VPN router addresses. With a VPN, you can get a high quality of anonymity because the address of this VPN router is constantly changing. With a VPN, you can choose any country to browse. VPN is a perfect solution for public WI-FI connections, the best place to catch viruses. But there are of course disadvantages: Your internet connection will be slowed down, VPN IP addresses can also be blocked (very convenient), some hackers can determine your own external IP address via cookies. VPN services usually require payment. You will also need to download a VPN.

Regardless of the solution chosen, there are some basic general requirements that must be considered:

  • the reputation of the option you have chosen over a long period, for money or free, please read the comments carefully ;
  •  Internet speed if your solution is activated;
  •  Availability of technical support for users;
  • Availability of a trial version to test all features in advance.

For each of the proposed solutions, there are several offers on the market, making it easy to find the ideal solution.


The three solutions described are not the only ones; there are many others. It’s also a way to bypass bans and find a way to surf without interrupting or disrupting your planned activities.

Without any restrictions on your IP address, you will receive additional bonuses: You can read local news that is usually limited to other countries, you can access all websites at work, and for some websites you can even increase the speed of internet traffic if it is limited to users with certain IP addresses.

Remember, the easiest way to avoid an IP block is to follow all the site owners rules and not break them.

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