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In the online gaming community, there are two types of games: those with competitive multiplayer modes, and those that people play while waiting for the weather to change or their laundry to finish. While multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) like League of Legends are designed to be both competitive and fun for players of all skill levels, most Arenas are more focused on one or the other. For example, Destiny 2: Forsaken has an incredibly complex set of competitive modes, but no matchmaking system, so you have to fork out money for a game like Overwatch to compete against other people. The best part? You don’t have to pay a dime to play the most-played PvP game mode, Team Deathmatch, in any of our favorite shooters

As games continue to evolve and compete for players, it’s not uncommon for developers to introduce new game modes to attract new players, or to add them to existing games to keep current players from getting bored. Some of the most popular PVP modes are:  Aerial Assault – This mode is all about aerial combat, with only aerial units available for use. Players are able to use their flying units to spot and attack non-flying units, but non-flying units can only attack other non-flying units.  Capture the Flag – This is perhaps the most popular PVP mode, and allows players to focus on capturing the flag from their opponents, while defending their own flag.  King of the Hill – This mode is similar

Want to know what the best Minecraft server for PVP is? There are currently 6 active Minecraft servers (available to Bedrock Edition players on Xbox One and Windows), and I’ve tried almost every mini-game on all of them, and this is what I think.

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Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server


I spent most of my time on Mineville, but lag proved to be an issue (frustratingly so), so I switched to The Hive (I have the lowest ping on that server). Hive used to be the most visited server in Minecraft, but now it is no longer the priority for avid Minecraft players. CubeCraft took the lead because it has better minigames and smoother gameplay. The Hive has many minigames like Sky Wars, Just Build, Hide and Seek, but if you want to play Bed Wars, it’s not available. But don’t worry! !! Treasure Wars will take care of you! It’s a bit like Bed Wars, but instead of beds, there are treasures. This was my favorite PVP game mode before Sky Royale came out. However, I lost most of my matches on The Hive, so I decided to call it a day and flee to Cubecraft to improve my PVP skills.

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CubeCraft has by far the easiest game modes! If you are a player who loves PVP in Minecraft, then CubeCraft is for you! There are a lot more PVP mini-games than in Hive. Of all the PVP modes available in CubeCraft, Block Wars is my favorite. Block Wars is fairly easy to learn, but difficult to master.

If I have some free time in my schedule, I turn on Minecraft and go straight to CubeCraft, then a few Block Wars games. Almost the entire CubeCraft player base is made up of kids just learning to play Minecraft, so don’t get too excited even if you win 11 out of 10 games.


Don’t you like Treasure Wars by The Hive? You have to try Cake Wars! This is my favorite Mineplex mini-game. It’s no different than Treasure Wars, except for the brownies.

Your goal is to solidify your cake and not let anyone get near it. After you’re sure your cake is safe, you should eat someone else’s cake. No one will eat your cake in one sitting, so you have plenty of time to go back to the basics and make your cake. Mineplex also has Sky Wars, but it’s very different from Hive.

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Best server in Minecraft Java edition for PVP


Hypixel is the largest Minecraft server in terms of number of players, with over 700,000 active players.

If you’ve played Cake Wars on Mineplex or Treasure Wars on The Hive, you should definitely check out Bed Wars on Hypixel. Want to challenge your friend to a 1v1 PVP match? Hypixel has two modes for that! In Duel 1.8 you can play normal PVP without extreme rules. Want to make it even more sophisticated? Upgrade to Duel 1.16 at Hypixel and get ready for a tougher battle!


Minecraft server with the largest number of PVP game modes: CubeCraft

Minecraft server with the maximum number of active players : Hypixel

Minecraft server with the most popular game in PVP mode (Bed Wars): Hypixel

PVP server for beginners: CubeCraft

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