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In The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, a lot of the time, you’ll be playing in “basement” levels composed of random rooms. However, Isaac’s basement isn’t just a simple grid of rooms with doors connecting them randomly. Far from it! As in most randomly generated games, there are complex algorithms at work to make sure that the rooms are generated “fairly.” (As well as taking player stats and the size of the current “area” into account.) One of the coolest things that the developers did with the game was to create “secret rooms” that are only available to players who know where to look. These rooms are hidden, but once you

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth just got a huge update today. One of the most notable additions is the Super Secret Room, which has been added to all the game’s existing (and future) levels. It can only be found by using all three of the game’s items (Isaac’s tears, the D6, and the Udjat Eye) in conjunction with each other (as well as the secret ways that lead to the room). There is no set pattern for how to reach the secret room, so it’s going to take a lot of experimentation and searching to discover them all. But that’s exactly what we’re here for, so we won’t rest until

Repentance has added a new type of secret coin that can only be found with certain items that create red coins. Most of the top secret rooms contain angelic items, which makes finding them very rewarding. In this guide, you’ll learn how to find them much more reliably.

Quick tip:

Due to a bug in the current version (v4.0.3), this method does not work on and after the Utrava stage. It seems that top secret coins are generated before stores and treasure rooms are removed, sometimes making them impossible to find using this method. This always works, but not always.

This can be bypassed if you have an item that allows you to make these pieces at endgame level, such as B. Evil crown or silver dollar.


To find a top secret coin, you need an item/usage that can make red coins. The red key is obviously the most reliable, but you can also use the cracked key or the soul of Cain. The crystal key also opens red rooms, but you can’t control it, so it doesn’t help much here.

Since red coins cannot be created in greedy mode, top secret coins are limited to normal routes.

Generation rules

Under normal circumstances, a super-secret field is created between 2 (sometimes more) red fields.

  • At least one of these red rooms must be connected to a special room (treasure room, shop, arcade, normal or super secret room, etc.), except the end boss room.
  • These two red pieces must be connected to at least one non-red piece (but it cannot be the same piece if it is the only non-red piece that both red pieces are adjacent to).

Normally there are more than 3 possible locations for a top secret room in a level, but if there is no suitable location to apply these rules, the second rule is ignored.

If the level generation works as expected, you only need to make a red room to find the top secret room, as it will open right after the adjacent red room opens.

Here are some helpful examples of the right and wrong placement of top secret pieces. Of course there are many other possibilities, but these are the most common ones:

  • Grey square = normal space
  • Grey square with star = special room
  • Light red square = red room next to special room
  • Dark red square = Red room next to normal room
  • Question mark = possible location of the top secret room

Card check

Now that we know the rules for top secret rooms, we can start exploring our floor plan. If you have items or cards to unlock parts of the map, that will be a big help. If you don’t have one, trust your intuition until you have completely cleaned the floor. Make sure you’re good at finding the super-secret pieces, because they’re often the last piece of the puzzle in our quest. Don’t pick up the stacks you find until you have uncovered the entire map.

First, take a screenshot of your entire map and paste it into Paint.

Then draw the possible adjacent red pieces for each of your special pieces (without looking at the pieces themselves, just look at the card!), except for the pattern piece. Place a white square on the places where you can’t make a red room.

Then do the same for the normal pieces, but in a darker color to make them clearer.

Now apply the above rules. Consider blank spaces on your map with 2 or more red neighbors, at least one of which is bright red. Remember part of the second rule, it cannot be the same piece if it is the only non-red piece that the two red pieces are adjacent to.

If the place to be examined is in an unacceptable location, place a white square on it. If you find a possible location for a top secret room, mark it.

That’s it. Return to the game and use your item to open the red room adjacent to one of the marked slots. If you have red pieces where slots are marked next to them, you should prioritize opening those pieces.

Note that sometimes you won’t be able to open one of the red rooms that lead to your marked location. This does not mean that your seat is not valid, you just have to find another way to get into the red room next door. In my example, I had to go through the cursed room because I couldn’t do the red room below it.

Other examples

This is the map I used for Sheol. Due to the error I mentioned at the beginning of the manual, it was not correct.

But when I tried again with the Evil Crown keychain, it worked!


This will give you easy access to the super secret rooms available in The Binding of Isaac : The rebirth. We would like to thank Danizk0 for creating this detailed site The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth guide to the secret rooms. Do you have any suggestions for improving this guide? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the secret and super secret rooms in binding of Isaac?

In the Binding of Isaac, there are many different types of rooms. There are normal rooms, there are secret rooms, there are super secret rooms, and even special items that have their own special rooms. This article is going to tell you some tips and tricks on how to find and enter these rooms, and what you can expect to find in there. The Binding of Isaac is a fun, addicting, and dark indie video game about a young boy named Isaac who has been told by God to sacrifice his own life. There are many secrets and hidden things in this game that most people don’t know about. This blog post features all the secret and super secret rooms in the game.  Isaac has 31 regular rooms, 6 boss rooms, 1 treasure room, 3 secret rooms, 1 super secret room, and 1 true treasure room.  There are also 23 different endings to this game.

How many secret rooms are there in the binding of Isaac floor?

Many players of the game The Binding of Isaac are intrigued by the number of secret rooms in the game. This game is the latest game by Super-Man-Developer, Edmund McMillen. The Binding of Isaac has many secrets that are not listed in the instructions pamphlet or revealed by the game. Some of these secrets include: The Devil Room, The Angel Room, The Secret Room and The Golden Treasure Room. The game is well known for its random levels that can be generated through a seed. The seed determines the room layouts, the type and number of monsters, items and pickups that will be in the level, and the level’s item pool. This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.

Does Sheol have secret rooms?

Does Sheol have secret rooms? If you’ve ever played Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (and if you haven’t, you’re missing out), you’ll know that it does! You can unlock secret rooms by taking advantage of certain game mechanics that you learn over time. The more you play, the more you realize how to manipulate the game. This is the secret to unlocking all the secret rooms in the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. The Binding of Isaac has a wide range of items that can be found and used. Not all of them are particularly useful, but quite a few have surprising uses. An excellent example of this is the common item called Mom’s Underwear. This item is normally used to restore a small amount of health, but it can also be used to access secret rooms. When you have mom’s underwear in your inventory, use it while standing on a trapdoor. The trapdoor will now lead to a hidden room.

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