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Final Fantasy IX is an old RPG that came out in 2000, before games were as linear and on-rails as they are today.

And for the big icon and the checklist, you can find out all you need to know about the next quest… or side quest.

So FF9 has a lot of great quests, both to build the world and to get new equipment and skills. It is absolutely impossible to miss them unless you know them in advance.

I brought my favorite headphones for FFIX.

And I’ve made sure you know exactly how to start the quest, as well as all the missed obscure events that could cause your progress in the quest to come to nothing.

10. The Nero family

This site is tricky, but offers the opportunity to build a fun world.

In Lindblum, the player can meet the entire Benero and Zenero family.

While the real prize is the ring of protection (a paltry one at best), it’s still nice to see Zidane’s reaction to all those siblings.

The quest can be started from the beginning of disc 4. Just retreat to Tantalus’ lair in Lindblom to find the two main brothers.

Then enter Memoria and return to the hideout between boss fights to meet the new sibling.

9. Catching frogs

This study is the opposite of the previous one:

It doesn’t do much for Quina, but it does provide better weapons for Quina and greatly improves her ability to drop frogs.

The end result of this quest is a boss fight with Quale, after which Quina gets the gastro-fork.

But beware, Cave is not playing.

To start this quest, head to the frog territory of a Qu’s swamp with Quina in attendance. This can be done as soon as they are hired on the 1/2 drive.

8. Excalibur II

Not quite collateral in the usual sense, but this one is pretty straightforward:

Defeat the Lich of Memoria in a new game in less than 12 hours, then pick up the sword to the right of the entrance.

It sounds crazy, because it’s a long game to be clumsy. But recoil is Steiner’s most powerful weapon, and he hits like a truck.

The special thing about this quest is that the sword is accompanied by a letter signed by Enkidu, which refers to the next quest, if you know Final Fantasy…

7. Ragtimer

Mouse Ragtime!

This one is cool because it really shows how much you don’t want to talk about the time you spent on this game when you can finish it!

Joking aside, the magic wand of the Ragtime mouse is that he appears in any friendly monster themed encounter.

He will ask you a question about the world of FFIX, and you will have to attack real or fake characters to answer it.

If you do it right, you’ll get some heat and a ton of AP.

Do it wrong, and… Well, uh…

If you answer all his questions correctly, you will receive a ring of protection and a large sum of money in the form of gil. So there is no harm in completing this search if you want to make money fast.

Message: The mouse is found only in the forests on the world map.

6. Stellazio

If you come to Treno on disc 2, you can meet Queen Stella.

The queen collects Stellasio coins with the names of the signs of the zodiac. Distribute each coin in the network as a reward.

The task itself is quite simple. But by far the best reward is the blood sword Steiner can equip.

He cures him for the damage he does. (As a Steiner, this number is quite high).

This reward alone gives this quest a place on my list.

You can also collect other items, including the men’s robe and the hammer, making this quest worthy of the title treasure hunter.

5. kupo nuts

Oh, come on!

The Mughals of Gisamaluk Cave are all set for such treats.

You’ll get great rewards for this task, including an Aloha t-shirt.

The reason I like this research so much? Simple.

Baby Dudes!

Every time you return to the Gisamaluke cave on disc 2, another little moogle runs into the safe zone. They are so cute!!!

4. Mognet

This is a bit of a mess.

The quest is introduced to you at the beginning of the game – maybe even during the prologue.

Moogle’s mail network, aka Mognet, has been very sporadic with its deliveries lately.

For this quest, you have to deliver letters from Moogle to Moogle throughout the plot of the game.

And finally, you will discover the cause of the Moigne crisis.

I love this quest just for the world building. Seeing what the Muggles say to each other really gives this story a sense of life.

Spoiler alert: At the end of the quest, you should meet Artemidion at the gate of the field, assuming you don’t miss any letters along the way.

3. Stiltzkin

This traveling adventurer moogle appears in various places, mainly dungeons, where he offers items for sale.

The idea of Moogle traveling the world on his dangerous adventures, while absolutely priceless, is also impressive. Because this task really shows how resilient Muggles are.

This lone moogle is able to move through dungeons that the player group would normally limp past with single-digit HP and 0 MP, seemingly completely unscathed. Why don’t you ask him to join us?

The bribes are the best part, though:

If you buy every item on every occasion, Stiltzkin will sell you a ribbon. Thanks, buddy!

2. Friendly samples

I was arguing with myself about which page to put under #1: this page or the next.

But Friendly Monsters comes in second because it’s just a little more frustrating.

In the world of Gaia, you’ll occasionally encounter a monster with an irregular color scheme and slightly less intimidating features that call for items.

By giving them the requested item, you’ll receive a gem and a large amount of AP, making this quest particularly useful for learning new skills.

The last friendly monster, Ian, gives you the ability to hit the resident super boss Ozma with regular attacks (if you’ve helped all his friends).

Overall, this quest is fun and good for Ozma.

But in the end, it’s only useful against Ozma, costing him first place.

1. Chocobo scavenger hunt

He is the main sidekick in the game.

On the way to Gisamaluke’s cave in disc 1, you can turn right and take a detour through the Chocobo forest.

You will meet Mene the muggle and his friend Choco. At the end of the step, you can now assemble Choco if you have Gysahl Greens on hand.

Riding with Choco is already very pleasant, as it avoids chance encounters and speeds up the journey.

The real fun is in Chocobo Hot & Cold, where you ride Choco and dig up treasures in the forest (and later in other areas).

When you unearth a gem called a Chocograph, you can guide Choco around the world map in search of treasures ranging from a prop and a few items to the ultimate weapon for certain characters.

Choco also continues to develop by learning to swim, climb mountains and fly.

It offers a really touching story about Choco coming into his own as Chocobo, and it’s just wonderful. Without a doubt the best quest in the game.

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Which game has the best side missions?

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Which side missions are worth doing in Cyberpunk?


Do I have to do the side missions in Cyberpunk 2077?

We recommend checking out the side missions if you want to kill time between missions in the main story. Or if you want to earn more Street Cred, XP or Eddies. Cyberpunk 2077 has all the valuable resources, and participation in some of these side missions will continue.

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