The Best Red Mage Trusts in Final Fantasy XI –

The Red Mages have always had a strong legacy in Vana’diel. They are often known for their damaging, healing, supporting and beginning abilities.

No wonder they proudly bear the title of jack-of-all-trades.

Red Mages are still a big part of modern games, and with all the different options a Red Mage has, it can be hard to establish any sort of credibility.

This list is meant to rank some of the best options based on what they do best.

5. Rain Map

Rainemard is often considered the most powerful Trust to use in attunement.

He has a special place in this list because of his ability to completely destroy enemies with his incredibly powerful spells that are almost unfair to use!

Players are often bypassed by the simple fact of him swinging his sword, even when using weapon skills and spells as often as possible.

He can cast haste spells, but only seems to cast them on himself, making him a breezy, confident type. This is welcome when leveling up though, as the monotony of killing monsters over and over again is over.

Rainemard also has access to weakening spells in the form of Distraction and Phrazzle, as well as several weapon skills – Savage Blade – which are very useful for speeding up fights.

Unfortunately, its power fades once the players overlap.

Then you better look at the other red mages on this list.

4. Arciela

Arciela has the ability to damage, sustain, and relieve. It’s worth mentioning because it’s a very varied but appropriate set of instruments.

She can use a weapon that applies AoE amnesia, which almost no Trust can.

And she can use a weapon skill that applies a strong attack, defense, magic attack and magic defense bonus to the entire party!

Unfortunately, her skills don’t seem to get her anywhere. Arciela’s only form of healing is the Illustrious Ade, which despite its power is a weapon she rarely uses.

And her ability to use a support is locked behind Bellatrix of Light, as is her ability to discard, which is locked behind Bellatrix of Shadows.

Other than that, it just seems to wander off, further limiting his supporting aspects to just his weapon abilities.

However, he has a passive recovery of 25/strike and will attack in melee. So she’s kind of a gunslinger.

3. Arciela II

Arciela returns to improved and more attacking form.

This time he has a little more to offer, starting with a new weapon skill that causes AoE stun.

She also has many weapon skills with different skill chains, meaning she can make multi-level skill chains with other players and trust the group, greatly improving group DPS.

As if that wasn’t enough, she can also cast spells with level V elemental magic! She also has the ability to cast spells quickly, so she always finishes her spell shortly after casting it.

She retains her blocking and debuff mechanisms, but gains access to Flurry, Addle, and Dispel, in addition to all spells in her original form.

Unfortunately, she loses her only healing ability, making her a red mage with no healing abilities – except Naakual’s Vengeance attack, which heals her completely when her health is low.

She is best classified as a red magician with a more aggressive disposition, capable of debuffing.

2. Koru-Moru

Koru-Moru elevates the game’s red mage to offer his ability much support in addition to backup care with medications.

He also stays where he is called, which often keeps him out of danger.

He has access to Flurry II and Haste II, which he uses for certain tasks that require them.

He will also often cast Phalanx II over his targets to reduce damage, and he will not hesitate to use one of his weakening spells, such as Distract and Slow down.

He can also quickly call out Dispel to take out enemy fans, and he can also protect and shield his allies.

Koru-Moru is even smart enough to only give updates to players who actually use their MP! Now we’re talking.

But he has a weakness:

He can quickly get unlucky if he takes damage shortly after using Convert, which his AI forces him to do if he has very low MP.

1. Heart King

The King of Hearts has become a very popular mage for many FFXI players.

It has the power to remove excuses, do damage and heal! He is also the only red mage on this list with access to Serenity, allowing his fans to run much longer than any other trusted red mage.

This works very well with his Phalanx, Refresh, and Haste II spells, using Phalanx only on the player with the most hostility.

He can also act as a white mage and administer a cure when players fall below 50% HP. In addition to using -After spells, he can even Erase.

And most of the time, he will prioritize getting rid of debuffs and remove them almost immediately.

He has a few tricks up his sleeve for damage.

Sometimes he uses weapon skills. And when a Liquefaction, Fusion, or Light skill chain is applied to an opponent, he tries to magically tear them apart with a muscular Firaga IV.

Interestingly, he also levels up in the middle of the fight, reducing his HP and MP a bit and giving him access to the Bludgeon kill weapon, which is pretty powerful in its own right.

The only real weakness is that it suffers from AI guilt.

He always starts the fight with a Diya spell, even if the opponent is somehow immune to the spell. This means he can run Diya indefinitely without worrying about anything else.

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