You can do it. Will you? An open letter to all creatives.

“The world needs you, it needs me, to step up and give ourselves to it because somewhere there is someone who will be moved by what you’ve done enough to do it themselves. “

The Tiny Protagonist

inspiration1I struggle. Every creative person I have ever met struggles but that fact always escapes me when I am feeling particularly in touch with the idea that I haven’t amounted to enough, that I haven’t worked hard enough or smart enough or taken enough risks. I chose this life even when I failed to choose anything at all.

Failure isn’t the thing that scares me most. If you’ve ever played sports you know that losing is frustrating and sometimes heartbreaking, though you get over it, but the act of competing – putting it all out there, regardless of what side of victory you end up on, is where you find out who you really are. There is a price to pay for anything you really want. There is a price to pay to be who you want to be. The cost is different for everyone but you must pay it…

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