Star Citizen News – Alpha 3.13 is in Evocati Testing

Welcome to Star Citizen news for the week ending the 14th. March 2021.

Star Citizen 3.13.0 with Evocati, I can’t talk about the details of the patch, but it will go to wave 1 PTU for subscribers and concierge, which means I can deal with it in the next few days… By the end of next week, when the stars align. The release of version 3.13 is still scheduled for the end of March.

Excerpt from the weekly Star Citizen newsletter.

It’s time to sacrifice your green and gold and risk everything for something daring! The poems celebrate Stella Fortuna, and you are invited to join in the celebration. Whether you want to test your luck and skills in a competition or celebrate in style with a new green ship, now is the time!

And on the 22nd. There will be a Stella Fortuna St Patricks sale day in March.

There is MSR and green leather for sale, which is currently in play, as well as

The new Cyclone MT car, now available in the Alpha 3.13 version.

It’s actually a Cyclone TR, but with a combined missile/cannon turret.

You can also win a ship by making a vehicle up to 90 seconds long through a close challenge or a fluke in Citizens Star Universe.

This week’s preview is part of the Cargo/Hand section of the C2 Crusader Hercules Starlifter that will be part of the 3.13.x…. patch and it has been reconfirmed by CI that it is not planned for the initial 3.13.0 release.

Inside Star Citizen took a look at the Sprint report this week, which featured the MT Cyclone, as well as updates on station work focused on refineries, colonial outposts, mining UI, interactive lights, and hospitals.

And a host of improvements to land vehicle physics, handling and user interface, as well as Nova Tonks tracks….. Expect improved gameplay for ground vehicles in the near future!

On Star Citizen Live, there was a VFX team…

POI and station cloud technology has enabled the creation of volumetric gas giants and advanced planetary clouds.

You want a deeply simulated real time weather model. Pressure and other weather elements will work here….. they must first develop a support technique and then determine what is useful and feasible.

The heat of the stars and the day-night wheels are also simulated.

There will be systemic environmental impacts such as. B. Stellar explosions.

They tested gas clouds for lighting/electricity.

The SDF shields are designed for 3.13 and should be much better than what we don’t have, including the fact that they don’t affect the pilot’s vision when jamming.

Quantum effects and local noise, as well as ground engines with dust will get some updates.

Under certain circumstances, we see and hear debris bouncing off our ship.

They’ve been testing for comets… which sounds cool, but what excited them the most was the fire that comes into play!

The Roadmap 3.13 update has gained some new load types with time and customizable loads. FPS bugs in weapons, wear and tear and overheating have been removed from the progress tracker, as have fuel consumption and Counter-Strike turret upgrades.

A Kotaku article accused CI of mistreating its employees during the recent Texas snowstorm….. I think this is now very well denied by the AI team at Texas Studios, but I have the story of the Star Citizen video spanking Kotaku for a clickbait on Tragedy for a deeper summary and rant about it!

We’ve had the XenoThreat post-mortem, which included reviewing the successes and failures of the event AND CI is now able to respond to things like good PvP missions and counter-missions, better testing and prototyping, more appropriate complexity, awareness of what’s going on with the event, and hopefully longer events in the future.

Also discussed was the CHARACTER TECH team’s AMA, which you can see on Tuesday the 16th. March, get the chance to ask your burning questions about Spectrum…. This is not a live stream, but a forum to share your opinions.

Boom, that’s it for this week. …. Are you looking forward to the PTU phase of Star Citizen Alpha 3.13? Or are you waiting for the living building? Are you a C2 or M2 owner who can’t wait for 3.13.x? Whatever your opinion, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

frequently asked questions

What is a Star Citizen Evocati?

Evocati is a small group of testers we have selected from the best players involved in Star Citizen : Take part in the Problem Solving Council, compete in races, complete missions and much more.

What is the current version of Star Citizen?

Star Citizen Alpha 3.12 was released on the 17th. December 2020 published. Alpha 3.12 brings a hand-tractor beam, ore beneficiation, a level 1 summoning system, a multi-tool tractor beam, and a Talon Esperia.

Is Star Citizen persistent yet?

We have added an early version of long term persistence to save player purchases and AUEC earnings between database deletions. For now, we will continue to buy FPS goods, ship parts, make ship purchases and earn AUEC money.

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