Solve “Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped Working” On Android

If you’re an Android user who keeps running into the “Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped Working” error message, there’s no need to worry. There are some steps you can take to solve this problem and get your phone back to normal. The usual culprit is a corrupted settings.apk file. This is a big problem for app developers, because each time a user installs an app the settings.apk file is installed and if there are any errors in the code it can cause problems in other apps and the OS. Keep in mind that a corrupted settings.apk file can cause issues in a lot of different ways. Sometimes it can just be a small annoyance, in other cases it can cause a whole host of problems.

Android phones have millions of users across the globe, and it is impossible to test all the apps on all the devices. It is not uncommon, therefore, for bugs to slip into the Android Market. The app “Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped Working” is one such app. Fortunately, there are ways to fix the problem without having to contact the manufacturer for a replacement. The best way to get your phone back up and running is to perform a factory reset.

Many Android users have complained of a problem when trying to access the Settings option. It indicates that the settings unfortunately no longer work. This was a common problem in the days of the KitKat update. However, the problem is not always related to the software update. If you see this error message on your device, try the following solutions and hopefully your Android device will recover.

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Troubleshooting Unfortunately, settings no longer work on Android

Restart the device

Unfortunately, it’s a very annoying problem when the settings stop working, but it can be fixed by simply restarting your Android phone or tablet. Press and hold the power button. When the menu opens, click Restart. Try accessing the settings.

Clear device cache

The next step is to clear the cache of your Android device. Clears the cache of all apps installed on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Go to Settings > Memory
  • Press Clear cache on some devices.


clear cache partition

If you are unable to perform the above method, you can enter recovery mode and select the Clear Cache Partition option. To enter recovery mode, you must turn off the device and then press a specific key combination, which varies by device. Here are some examples (Samsung: home, power and volume keys; LG: power and volume keys; Nexus: volume up, volume down, power key; HTC: volume down and power key).

  • Turn off your phone or tablet
  • Press the key combination
  • After a while, you will see the recovery screen
  • When the recovery menu appears, navigate to Clear cache partition using the volume key.
  • Select this option using the power button.
  • When this is complete, select the Reboot option.

Uninstall and reinstall Google Play Store update

This may sound a bit strange, but yes, this method can help you solve the problem Unfortunately, the settings stopped working. You need to clear the Google Play cache and remove the update from the Google Play Store. To do this, go to Settings > Application Manager, find Google Play and tap it. First click on Clear Cache. Then click on Remove Updates. When you are finished, restart the unit. Go to Google Play and click on the three horizontal lines. Then click on Settings. Scroll down the list and click on Build Version. You will receive the following message: A new version of the Google Play Store has been downloaded and installed. Press OK.

Start the device in safe mode

In many cases, the culprit is a third-party application causing the error Unfortunately, the settings no longer work. You can start the device in safe mode. This will allow you to use your Android without third-party apps, as they will all be disabled. If your device is working properly and you don’t see the error message when you try to access the settings, a third-party application is the culprit. You can delete applications individually or perform a factory reset.

  • Press and hold the power button
  • When the menu is displayed, press and hold the Disable option.
  • You will be asked if you want to restart the device in safe mode.
  • Press OK.

  • In the lower left corner of the screen, you will see the Safe Mode.

If you see that the problem with Sorry settings have stopped working does not occur in Safe Mode, then the problem is caused by a third-party application. You should uninstall the third-party applications one by one (starting with the newly installed one) until the problem is resolved or, if there are too many applications, perform a factory reset.

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Factory reset

A factory reset will erase all data on the phone, so back up all data before starting the process.

There are several ways to secure your phone. Perform the following steps:

  • The first way to back up your device is through your Google account. Go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset, where you will see two options: Backup my data and automatic recovery. Make sure these options are enabled by checking the appropriate box. Then, data such as your Wi-Fi password, application data, Google settings and bookmarks are automatically stored on a Google server for retrieval.
  • If you are using a Samsung device, back up with your Samsung account. To do this, go to App > Settings > Users & Backup > Account and make sure you are signed in to your Samsung account. If enabled, your contacts, calendar and internet settings are synchronised with your Samsung account.

Perform a factory reset after the backup. Here’s how to do that on your Android phone:

  • Go to settings
  • Press Save and Reset
  • Then select Reset data to factory settings
  • Press Reset Phone/Tablet

If the error message still appears and you cannot access the backup and reset, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the unit.
  • Next, press and hold the Home, Power and Volume Up keys for a few seconds until the Android logo appears on the screen (if you’re not using Samsung, make sure you’re using the right key combination).
  • Then release the buttons. Use the volume down key to highlight options and the power key to confirm. Highlight the factory reset option and press the Power button to confirm.
  • Then select Delete all user data and confirm.
  • Wait a few seconds until the Restart system now option appears and select it. The phone will reboot and you will have to reconfigure it completely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix unfortunately Settings has stopped working on Android?

You’re in the middle of playing a game of Candy Crush and your phone starts to lag and even though you’ve restarted the game multiple times, it won’t change. The same thing happens when you’re in the middle of a heated conversation with your loved one over iMessage, and all of a sudden the app crashes and you’re left with no means of communication. Unfortunately, there are times when a user may encounter problems with their device, either due to software or hardware issues. This is not always a cause for alarm or despair, as there are often fixes that can be done to remedy the problem. One such problem is unfortunately Settings has stopped on an Android device. Fixing this issue is simple, unlike the big, complicated problems that many of us have gotten ourselves into. To prevent these kinds of issues, users should back up their data on a regular basis, as this is the most foolproof way to ensure that data is not lost.

How do I fix unfortunately Settings has stopped?

Unfortunately, the Settings app on your Android is suffering from an unknown issue, and it has stopped working. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to fix the problem. The first thing you should do is restart your Android device. Then, you should remove the battery and put it back in. If you are still having the issue, you can try checking for updates for your Settings app. If all else fails, you should perform a factory reset. Unfortunately, Settings has Stopped is a pop-up notification that occurs on certain Android devices, including the Galaxy S21, when the Settings application crashes or freezes. This can be quite a problem, and you might be wondering what to do if this happens to you. Luckily, there are a few ways to address this problem. The first thing you should try is restarting the device. The Settings app may be unresponsive, but there’s a chance that you’ll be able to use the device in other ways. Tap the power button to turn off the Galaxy S21, wait a moment, and then try to turn it back on again. Next, check for an update to the Settings application. To do this, head to the App

Why Does My Settings app keep stopping?

Your phone is a surprisingly powerful tool, but it’s also a lot more complicated than it appears. The Settings app is a huge place with tons of options and features. To make things easier, Android has made it possible to let you access existing features and options through a few ready-made widgets. These widgets function like mini-Settings apps on your home screen, letting you do things like adjust your phone’s brightness, sound, and other settings without having to go into the full-blown Settings app. The first thing you would look for when you notice that your Settings app keeps stopping is if the app is closed. Sometimes, it would be closed automatically by the OS, when you are not using the app. If you would notice that it is closed, then you can be sure that the app is not the reason why Settings keeps stopping.

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