Software VPN vs Hardware VPN

It is becoming increasingly important to have the right cyber security tools in place. However, it is often difficult to choose the right option. The best way to secure your network is to use the right VPN.

It secures internal data traffic and protects all connected devices.

A VPN is a great way to work securely online, as is the use of virtual private networks. This means you can work without stress. In addition, a private network also means you have point-to-point and site-to-site connectivity.

So far, a number of studies have shown that using a VPN ensures network security. It is also the best way to gain secure remote access by connecting others through fully encrypted tunnels.

So it is essentially a digital security tool that protects traffic from the user’s device. The secure server redirects the device data by changing the IP address. So it also helps to protect internet connections from sabotage.

There are many VPNs on the market that offer different types and levels of service. So it is important to decide whether you want to go for a software-based or hardware-based VPN. It all depends on your requirements and needs. So we will compare software and hardware VPNs.

VPN hardware

A hardware VPN is a device with its own processor. It performs encryption, authentication and other virtual private functions. So VPN systems offer more security and are quite expensive, but are suitable for large companies or organizations.

However, there is a limit to the number of virtual tunnels that can be created. This means that you may need to purchase more VPN hardware if you want to add more devices in the future.

In addition, setting up a hardware VPN device can be difficult. It also takes a bit longer and maintenance is difficult as well.

Advantages of VPN hardware

  1. Special IP solution
  2. High level of security
  3. Simple and easy remote access to the network
  4. There is no load on the device, as the specialized devices take care of all data processing.

VPN software

The VPN software does not require a hardware device. Instead, it is a server-based application that offers speed, security, availability and scalability. VPN software is not expensive compared to VPN hardware. Plus, you can expand it as your business grows.

The configuration of the VPN software only takes a few minutes. Thus, downloading and installing a hardware VPN does not take much time. Mainly suitable for medium-sized companies and corporations.

VPN software is installed on the client device to establish a secure connection between the device and the VPN server. In most cases, integrated VPN clients are available. However, the user can also install third-party clients to get more functionality and an improved interface.

Benefits of VPN Software

  1. Easy to install and configure as it does not require advanced technical knowledge.
  2. An affordable solution
  3. Can be upgraded as the size of the organization increases.

VPN hardware versus VPN software

Both types of VPNs have their advantages and disadvantages. It would be wise to compare them and then decide which solution is best for your business or home network.

In general, home networks do not require extensive VPN support. Organizations, on the other hand, are of an entirely different nature. Here, many internal software and internet work may require additional security.

If you’re still not sure which VPN to use, we compare VPN hardware and software. This comparison is made on the basis of : –

  1. Price
  2. Speed
  3. Remote access
  4. Location
  5. Scalability
  6. Service
  7. Security.


When it comes to choosing the best VPN for your business, the first factor that comes to mind is the cost. As a general rule, you will find that hardware VPNs cost more than software VPNs. In any case, they are expensive even if we don’t compare them to software.

This makes it suitable for large companies and enterprises as they have more parameters and more functions. Therefore, these organizations can afford hardware VPNs. Moreover, VPN software is affordable, cost-effective and scalable. They are therefore very suitable for medium-sized companies or start-ups.

Individual VPN speed

This is the second criterion by which we can compare these VPNs. Hardware VPNs are significantly faster than software VPNs on older computers. However, with the advancement of technology, this is no longer the case as devices such as smartphones and laptops can now handle multiple applications and functions simultaneously. This way, multitasking is easy, which means the VPN software doesn’t affect the speed much and is just as good as the VPN hardware.

Remote access

Remote access is another important issue that should not be neglected. This is something you should think about before buying a VPN, whether it’s hardware or software.

The VPN hardware guarantees adequate security and encrypted connections, so that your company’s employees can work on the intranet without any problems.

In comparison, it is suitable for large enterprises that have a fully equipped IT department that can easily install and configure a hardware VPN in minutes.

Setting up VPN hardware is not easy, as it involves complex processes related to the VPN software. When we talk about remote access to VPN software, not all of them offer it. At the same time, they provide secure remote access to the cloud or office intranet, allowing employees to work on any device while accessing secure cloud storage via a VPN.

A hardware VPN encrypts the connection for employees and allows them to access the company intranet from anywhere. But the settings are not simple and somewhat complicated.


VPN software can be downloaded from anywhere on the Internet. The installation also only takes a few minutes. Once you have entered your license key, you can use the program and work effortlessly without worrying about security.

Most VPN programs are available in multiple virtual locations, including different countries that the user can easily connect to.

With a hardware VPN, on the other hand, you have the ability to select a smaller number of countries. The reason for this is that you have to physically place the device in the desired location to access it.

Individual VPN scalability

This factor also plays an important role as your business expands. This is because when you choose VPN hardware, you also have to upgrade the hardware as the business grows and eventually adds more devices.

We call upgrading because a single VPN device can only support a limited number of machines. As your business grows, you may need to invest more money in installing more hardware VPN equipment.

However, this is not the case with VPN software. You can easily upgrade it if needed, as it is available virtually and does not require physical placement of the device. Simply purchase an additional service to get instantly updated services for use on more machines.


VPN software requires no technical knowledge, and even a non-technical person can easily install and use it in minutes or hours.

While VPN hardware requires technical knowledge and hours of installation. Moreover, it doesn’t even have a user interface, and the configuration has to be done manually, which is not an easy task.

The VPN software requires no maintenance as all the work is done by the service provider. If there are updates, click on the Update button and the latest updates will be downloaded automatically.

With VPN devices, you also have to worry about maintaining the physical device.

Security levelAny VPN offers

If you are reading this article, then we know that safety is the most important thing to you, along with other factors. The main reason for using a VPN is to work securely and prevent internal information from being leaked or unauthorized access to the network.

Here we want to tell you that hardware VPNs have an advantage over software VPNs.

While VPN software comes second in terms of security. This is because software VPNs are more vulnerable to attack because they are available on cloud storage and thousands of other users are using the same software VPNs at the same time.

This does not mean it is not protected, but there is a greater risk of attacks.

On the other hand, if you need a high level of encryption, a hardware VPN is the first choice, and if you need soft encryption, a VPN software can do the job very well.

For example, in the case of government business, you need a high level of encryption with a NIAP-certified CNSA class. Although non-governmental organizations may not require a high level of encryption security.

NIAP and the CFSC are important because they only test and approve technologies that are safe and can be trusted.

Final thoughts

VPN hardware and software are good, but it all depends on your needs. A hardware VPN is suitable for large organizations and requires a lot of maintenance of physical devices. The number of remote locations is also limited.

Software VPNs, on the other hand, require no physical device and are available anywhere via cloud storage. They can also scale to meet increasing demand, which is not possible with hardware VPNs that can encrypt the network of a limited number of devices, and when new devices need to be added, new physical hardware VPNs are required.

The security level of hardware VPN devices is high compared to software VPNs, which are more vulnerable to threats and attacks. Setting up a hardware VPN requires time and technical expertise, which is not the case with VPN software. In comparison, software VPNs are also cheap and available in virtual locations.

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