Sanctum Raid Bosses Guides – Mythic Trap & Echo – Multilingual

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TLDR: Mythic Trap has partnered with the Echo Guild (Second World) to provide strategies and guides for Raid Domination Sanctuary 9.1 with multilingual support. The first two bosses in the PTR are already available in Heroic and Normal modes.

Long version

With the release of Shadowlands, I launched Mythic Trap with the help of a few friends, and I’m happy and proud of the success we’ve had and the tremendous effort of the community.

What’s the myth trap?

Mythic Trap is a new site that focuses on explaining the mechanics of bosses and battles as effectively and simply as possible. We create GIFs for each skill, summarize in a few words what you need to do, and provide a more detailed explanation on the site for players who want to know more. For each boss fight, we also try to list useful weaknesses, animated summaries, and boss-specific content.

9.0 has worked to build our community from the ground up. We’ve been playing with features to see what works and what doesn’t, and with the support we’ve received, we can spend on the features we have!


In 9.1, Mythic Trap is also associated with the Echoes Guild.

Echo is the second. World guild (and 1st guild in the EU). Most players have several world titles and are winners of the last 3 MDI competitions. This is an incredibly talented group of people who have been so generous to partner with us to bring high quality content to the community!

Echo brings the strategic and technical aspect of each boss fight, providing a unique level of information that only the best guilds in the world have from the start. I’ll also be working closely with them to create quality videos of each boss and skill, and I hope we can soon roll out a perspective with their players on each boss fight and how to make it better, as well as more raid leader-oriented sections that discuss macro-level encounters.

multilingual support

Thanks to fellow Discord players, Mythic Trap also adds much needed multilingual support. I want to personally thank each of them for their help, so shoot for Lyria, Fidi, Kami, Mitrofan and Obarth!

Some languages still need to be translated (e.g. Italian and Spanish, and hopefully Korean and Chinese), and they could all use more support (proofreading and worksharing), so feel free to join our section if you want to join in!

That’s it for this post. We are looking forward to this new raid and the race to the top of the world, and we hope to provide even better support for the many guilds out there!

Thanks for reading, and have a great week.

Essk, creator of the myth trap.

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