Resolved: Windows Update KB4579311 crashes Explorer repeatedly when trying to log in

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Windows 10 users are encountering numerous problems when installing the latest cumulative update KB4579311, and those who manage to install it are reporting several errors, including performance issues.

Microsoft released the cumulative update KB4579311 for Windows 10 on the 13th. October 2020 published. Since then, users have reported problems installing the update, crashes, performance issues and startup problems.

Because of the different hardware and drivers that Windows 10 runs on, there will always be issues when a new cumulative update is released, but the notifications seem to be piling up with this particular update.

However, I installed the KB4579311 update on many computers and only on one did the Explorer crash described occur.

As you know, Windows 10 updates, while necessary, tend to cause various problems, but users certainly did not expect the many errors they encountered after installing the KB4579311 update (applicable to the 2004 version).

This causes Explorer to crash repeatedly when it tries to connect to Windows update KB4579311.

Your system’s Explorer may crash if conflicting applications (such as Halo Master Chief Collection) affect the Explorer. Moreover, this error may be caused by a corrupt user profile on your system.

The user is experiencing a problem (after a Windows update) when trying to log in, but Explorer crashes several times (either the startup window turns on or off and the desktop goes black), after which the user can finally log in.

Before proceeding with the solutions, note that you may need to try these solutions in Safe Mode if you cannot use the system because of an Explorer error. However, some users have reported that the system behaves normally after waiting 6-10 minutes after normal booting.

To fix the issue where KB4579311 repeatedly causes Explorer to crash when you try to log in during the Windowsupdate.

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Remove faulty update

  1. In the Preferences menu, go to Updates and Security.
  2. Select Update Windows, defer update for 7 days.
  3. Then open the Control Panel.
  4. Go to Programs and Features and view the installed updates.
  5. Right-click on KB4579311 and select Uninstall.

You can also perform a system restore and select a restore point from those that existed before KB4579311 was installed.

Elimination of conflicting uses

In a Windows environment, system applications/modules coexist and share system resources. Explorer may freeze if any of the applications installed on your system interfere with Explorer’s operation. In this case, removing the conflicting applications may solve the problem.

  1. Press the Windows key and open Settings. Then select Apps.
  2. Now click on the Uninstall button and confirm the uninstallation of the application.
  3. Now repeat the process of removing the other conflicting applications and restart the computer.
  4. After restarting, check if the Explorer problem is resolved.

Upgrade the Windows system to the latest version

Microsoft is constantly updating Windows by adding new features and fixing known bugs, such as the ones that caused the Explorer problem. In this case, updating the Windows version on your computer to the latest version may solve the problem.

  1. Manually upgrade to the latest version of Windows.
  2. Make sure no further updates/additions are expected.
  3. Then check if the ladder problem is solved.

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frequently asked questions

  1. Update your system.
  2. Delete the history of Windows Explorer on your computer.
  3. Start the Windows Explorer folder in a separate process.
  4. Disable any antivirus programs that may be running on your computer.
  5. Delete access menu items.
  6. Recovery of damaged files and drives.
  7. Disable third-party extensions.
  8. In the Preferences menu, go to Updates and Security.
  9. Select Update Windows, defer update for 7 days.
  10. Then open the Control Panel.
  11. Go to Programs and Features and view the installed updates.
  12. Right-click on KB4579311 and select Uninstall.

Several factors can cause File Explorer to remain in crash mode, including incorrect system settings. Incompatible third-party software. Solution problems.

Explorer corruption can be caused by trying to open files to create thumbnails, especially for videos. If you don’t need an outline, you can avoid an accident. If you are still having trouble opening your photo or video folders, right-click on the folder and select Properties from the menu.

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