Fanfiction — Hogwarts BSU

(My Soul Has Grown) Deep Like the Rivers

Lee Jordan contemplates his place in the Order of the Phoenix during Harry’s 7th year… study abroad, as one might call it. The story of how Potterwatch came to be.


Blaise Zabini is in search of community at Hogwarts.

Minnie and Poppy

Poppy Pomfrey hates Quidditch, but always goes to the games for her best friend Minerva’s matches. However, the last match of Seventh year between Slytherin and Gryffindor takes a turn and Poppy must come into her calling.

Do Black Wizards Nod?

Dean Thomas and his mother arrive on the Hogwarts Express feeling out of place in more ways than one. When Mama Thomas spots another Black student, she thinks all will be well for her Deanie, but the future Slytherin boy and his mother are not exactly keen to make friends.