OnePlus 9 Review: An impressive do-it-all phone

The OnePlus 9’s extravagant price tag is what caused it to fall into the ultra-premium category. This phone can even compete with other expensive rivals like the Asus ROG Phone 5, OnePlus 8 Pro, Vivo X60 Pro, etc. It is mainly the technical specifications of the OnePlus 9 that show significant improvements and deteriorations compared to the previous model (8T).

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The design of the OnePlus 9 is similar to its predecessor (8T). The difference is the camera unit. It has an identical 6.55-inch screen with a glass front and back, a similar lock button and bezel with OnePlus branding, a mute button and a vibrate button on the right, while the volume button is on the left. You can easily access these keys when holding the phone in your hand. The USB-C port, speaker, and second earphone speaker are located on the bottom of the phone.

The frame of the OnePlus 9 is made of plastic, not metal like its predecessor. It is protected against water and dust according to IP68. The look of its predecessor is not bad.

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The OnePlus 9 looks identical to its rivals like the Samsung S21, the build quality is high, but it doesn’t live up to some of the bold claims of expensive phones. Both have an AMOLED display, but it’s flat and doesn’t have the curved edges of their Waterfall counterparts.

The OnePlus 9 has a glass back, unlike the S21 which has a plastic back. Moreover, not all points are equal. The back of the previous phone does not have the same density and sophisticated design as the glass back of other high-end phones. The tapping sound on the back of the OnePlus 9 is quite hollow, similar to that of a plastic back.

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OnePlus smartphones tend to have a solid performance block, and the OnePlus 9 is no exception. It is powered by a premium Snapdragon 888 SoC. The processor provides the raw material that allows the smartphone to perform intensive tasks.

The game went smoothly and without interruption.

We saw no drop in the frame or hesitation. The phone gets a little hot after about 30 minutes of play, which could be due to an issue with the Snapdragon 888 chip that other counterparts have experienced.

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It has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. RAM management is not a problem. Oxygen OS 11, based on Android 11, offers clean software with lots of optimization and customization options. However, it has its own problems and flaws. When testing the phone, the multitasking window froze at one point and there was nothing to do but lock and unlock the phone. While configuring the phone, we saw a notification that the configuration process was complete. These are minor bugs that OnePlus has fixed with two software updates.

It has a built-in fingerprint scanner for biometric authentication. But it’s positioned a little lower than expected. So it’s still available. It only takes a split second to recognize it and unlock the phone. Face unlock is also an available option.

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OnePlus has launched its maximum-power sound machine to announce the good news of its partnership with camera maker Hasselblad. With such hype, one could expect a lot from the OnePlus 9 series. They worked with them to coordinate the colors of the 9 series. In most cases this seems to have worked to their advantage.

First: The ultra-wide-angle camera is probably the best you’ll find in a smartphone in this price range. It has a 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor, similar to the 9 Pro. Images captured with the Sony IMX689 48 megapixel ultra wide-angle main sensor offer neutral tones and good details in most cases. Sometimes this causes problems with the tone.

You can adjust the saturation in post processing with Lightroom or the Snap Seeds program. There is some noise in the Ultrawide images, but it is much less than other Ultrawide cameras on other smartphones. The dynamic range is not nearly as good as that of the main Sony IMX689 48 megapixel sensor, but it is still considerably better. In addition, the temperature and color tones of the two sensors match in most cases.

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In terms of low light performance, the camera’s performance is above average. The colors are accurate and the software gives the impression that it is night. But even after shooting in NightScape mode, you can see noise in the shadows. In fact, he makes sure not to ruin the highlights.

The shutter lag is clearly noticeable. And that can be a problem if you’re taking pictures on the go. The preview window may indicate that you have taken a good photo, but as soon as you click on it after processing, you will probably see the camera take the next photo. Also, this camera lacks optical image stabilization (OIS), which is a big disappointment for this expensive camera.

The quality of the front camera is not as good as that of the rear camera. It gives good detail and has an acceptable dynamic range. It also targets the right skin tone and gives an even complexion to the face. The edge detection in portrait mode is accurate and the bokeh is very natural.

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The OnePlus 9 has a 4,500 mAh battery that serves well and can get you through the day. When it comes to the battery, the real advantage of the OnePlus 9 is its charging speed. When you purchase the phone, a Warp Charge 65T charger is included in the box. According to OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, with this charger you can carry the phone to 100% in half an hour. It also features 15W Qi wireless charging.

These incredibly fast charge times are largely due to the design of the battery, as the 4,500mAh unit is split into two cells of around 2,250mAh that are charged in parallel by a 65W wired charger.

This development was first unveiled with the OnePlus 8T, which can be charged from zero to 100 percent in 40 minutes with Warp Charge 65. The OnePlus 9 gets nearly 10 minutes of that with a power surge from the brick, hence the T in the name Warp Charge 65T.

The OnePlus 9 is an amplified upgrade over the 8T if you compare the specs. But you get an equally thin 120Hz AMOLED screen, a device with better performance and comparable battery capacity, and a clean Oxygen OS software. The overall functionality of the device has been significantly improved.  The buying decision is yours, as you have many options that can serve as alternatives to the OnePlus 9.

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