Lost Sector Destiny 2 Mars, Titan, Moon, Today Nessus Rotation 2021

We created this article to help you know the fate of Lost Sector 2 Mars, Titan, Moon, Ness and more. We have full information on the lost areas. In this article you can find all information about these lost areas.

The fate of the lost sector 2 of Mars

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Destiny 2 lost territories

Destiny 2 has several lost areas. You can find him by scouting the patrol area. Here we have explained the different lost areas of the Destiny 2 game.

EDZ Lost areas

The European Dead Zone (EDZ) is the largest playing area, and there are several lost areas in this game.

  • End of the line is : It’s in Trostland, next to the chapel.
  • Pathfinder Crash: The shooting range of Hades on the southern cliffs.
  • Crying: Winding Cove, right next to the highway station.
  • The Holy Sepulcher: Sediments, in the north-western part of the site….
  • The flooded abyss: Gulcha, the southern part of the district, drains into the Uzkirts.
  • Skydock IV: The sunken islands, beneath the ship Cabal ….
  • Atrium: In Trostland, in the chapel…
  • Wave 13: Sediments, east.
  • The Pit: Firebase Hades, under Firebase
  • The Cave of Souls: Sediments, in the middle of the region….
  • Excavation site XII : The shooting range of Hades on the eastern cliffs.
  • Drainage : On the outskirts of the city, by the water ….
  • Whispering Falls: The suburbs, in the trees to the northwest ….
  • Career: The sunken islands, in the middle of the area ….
  • The path of the widow: Land of comfort, on the left side of the head
  • The garbage man’s lair: Outside, south of the public area, under the bridge.

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Titanium lost sectors

  • Methane Hunting : From the fastpass at Sloan, you can turn left and look towards Arcology.
  • Luggage compartment 3 : You can use the Quick Travel element. It moves left to the orange field 3.
  • Apartment DS 2 : You can consult the Community Events section.

Lost areas

  • Orrery: You can easily jump from the rapid fire point and go to the bottom left where Vex appears.
  • The mistake: It comes directly from the fast travel point.
  • Conflux: Under a large tree, you can enter this lost area of Nessus.
  • Carrion Pete: You can drive in the city. You can also look under the rubble to find a tunnel going into the ground.

Lost mercury Sectors

  • From the lighthouse, just like Vance’s brother. You can turn left and follow the edge of the area. This leads you to the endless forest.

Lost Sector Destiny 2 March

Below are two different lost sectors of Mars:

  • Ma’adim Subterranean: You can easily go to the right and also walk along the edge of the cliff.
  • Main connection: They can be easily dropped off at the fast pass point.

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Lost moon sectors

After discussing the fate of Mars’ lost sector 2, you can explore the lost sectors of the Moon. It has four different lost sectors:

  • K1 Logistics : It is located in a building on Archer Line.
  • K1 Crew quarters : This is another lost area, located in the Hellmouth.
  • Partial K1 : To find this lost sector, you can go to the Anchor of Light.
  • Q1 Revelation: To find this lost area, you can go to the middle of the area.

We have set out the full information regarding the determination of the lost sector 2 of Mars. For more information, please contact us.


It was the complete guide to the fate of the lost Sector 2 March. Now, we would like to conclude this article by hoping that you have received complete information about the lost section in Destiny 2 game. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comments section. We’re happy to answer your questions about Fate of the Lost Sector 2 Mars.

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