How To Solve Android Not Receiving Group Texts From An IPhone

Android and iPhone have captured the market of the mobile world with their attractive features. But many users have complained that Android does not receive group texts from iPhones. Users who have recently switched from iPhone to Android face this problem. We will walk you through a few solutions that will help you get things back on track, hopefully with group messages that work well.

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Why is Android not receiving group messages from iPhone?

In the case of iPhone messaging, iMessage works by routing messages from one iPhone to another through Apple’s servers instead of sending them as actual text messages. So even if you’ve left your iPhone and switched to Android, iMessage will remain until you deactivate it. And it will be frustrating for users who have recently switched from iPhones to Android. Fortunately, there is an easy way to disable this feature to solve the problem. Without further ado, let’s look at the solutions.

Steps to fix Android not receiving iPhone bulk messages

Solution #1:

To solve this problem, you need to disable iMessage for your number. If you still have your old iPhone with you, follow these steps:

  • Remove the SIM card from your Android device and insert it into your iPhone.
  • Then go to the settings of your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and press Messages
  • You will see iMessage at the top, uncheck this option.
  • Remove the SIM card and insert it into the Android device.
  • Now go to the Messages icon on your new Android phone and send messages to a few of your friends who use iPhones and see if everything is working properly.

Solution #2:

This method is useful for those who have already sold an old iPhone. You can always turn off iMessage by clicking this link. Follow him:

  • Follow the link above
  • Enter your phone number on the existing form
  • Click on the Send Code button
  • You will receive a confirmation code by phone
  • Re-enter it in the correct place in the form and click Submit.
  • That’s it. iMessage will be disabled in 24 hours.

Additional bypasses:

If you have disabled iMessage but are still experiencing problems, read on. Some of our readers have shared work solutions that have helped them.

If you just switched from iPhone to Android, all your iPhone contacts need to change their phone numbers. When you enter a contact on iPhone, that number is added as the default iPhone. What they need to do is change the number on the iPhone to a cell phone.

Another trick that has worked for many is very simple. If for some reason the group messages don’t work, just delete the thread. It should be working again.

Discussion about Android is not receiving bulk messages from iPhone Problem


I have an Android phone and recently (in the past week) my phone has been refusing to receive group messages from iPhone users. I’ve never owned an iPhone, but I went to the Apple website to unsubscribe my number. Apple says my number is not registered in Imessage, which makes sense.

I have a feeling this happened recently when iPhone users were given access to a group of text. We solved the problem by not naming the group. This is a stupid problem. Is there a reasonable solution for future reporting on named groups?

Do you have any other ideas to solve this problem?

Thank you.


I have a Galaxy s6 edge and I have the same problem, but only with some friends/group chats while others work fine. It’s really weird. Anyway, to solve this problem, I am seriously considering buying an iPhone the next time I need to make a call. It’s frustrating to send group messages via Facebook or otherwise when the group texts don’t work properly. This caused a big fight in the family with some of the parents. I know it’s Apple’s fault, but sometimes when you can’t beat them, you join them. Too bad, because, IMO, Android is better than the iPhone. It’s a shame that group conversations aren’t easy to arrange.

The solution takes some work. Tell all your contacts to go to your contact information and change your phone number from iphone to mobile. When you enter iphone contacts for the first time, the default setting is for iPhone. It’s useful if you’ve never used an iPhone before.


After I unregistered my iPhone number and disabled iMessage on my iPhone, this problem still occurred from time to time. This only seems to happen to people who sent me messages via iMessage when I still had my iPhone, and they still have it. It usually appears in a group text where I can see all the people who haven’t already message me in iMessage.

I have found that it takes two steps to solve this problem for me. This must be done for each person who was in the group text when you had iMessage.

1) In Contacts, ask the person to change the phone number type from iPhone to Mobile.
2) Ask the person to remove the entire group text stream.

I think if you have an existing group text message, the iPhone continues to use iMessage as it used it before without checking if your number is set to mobile or if your number is valid in iMessage.

Good luck!

Same problem with my son’s Galaxy s7 Edge. He has never owned an iPhone and cannot receive group messages set up by iPhone users. We will try to restore the iPhone’s phone contacts, but this is really absurd. This is one of the reasons I find it hard to return to Apple products.

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