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How to reduce Twitter data consumption on iPhone and Android

Do you know how to reduce Twitter data usage on Andriod and iPhone? Most people use Twitter with their smartphone to tweet with other people and connect to mobile data. Because many videos and Twitter consume their data and do not know how to reduce Twitter data consumption.

If you use Twitter’s mobile app via mobile data on your Android or iPhone smartphone, you might be worried about data consumption – there are a lot of video chats. Fortunately, Twitter offers a feature that is an easy-to-use data saving mode to reduce mobile data usage. In the following guide, I’ll show you how to enable data saving mode in Twitter’s mobile app.

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Enable Twitter data backup on Android and iPhone devices

If you want to reduce the use of Twitter mobile data on your smartphone. Follow these steps to enable backup of user data on Twitter mobile.

  1. Go to the Twitter application on the top left of your phone screen.
  2. Select the profile picture on your Android phone or the home icon (on iPhone) to navigate through the menu.
  3. In the menu that appears, tap Settings and privacy.
  4. Scroll down and select the Data Usage option under Settings and Privacy.
  5. Find the data saving option under Data Usage and check the box next to it on your Android phone, or press the button next to it on your iPhone to turn it on or off.
  6. This setting stops automatic video playback and low quality image download when Twitter data storage is enabled.
  7. Now select the Back option twice to exit the settings. Twitter’s backup feature is now active.

Open the Twitter application, go to Settings, Privacy, and select Data Usage

Check the data saving box.

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Disable the data logging feature of the Twitter mobile application

If you connect a higher bandwidth mobile phone in the next few days. You can then turn it off again in the settings of the Twitter application by repeating the following sequence:

  1. Open your Twitter app on your Android and iPhone.
  2. Press Main menu or Profile picture
  3. Select the Settings and Privacy option
  4. Go to Data Usage under Settings and Privacy.
  5. Finally, disable the data saving feature by unchecking the box for Android, or disable the enable feature for iPhone.

Clearing the Data Saver check box.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from different people that may be of interest to you.

How can I reduce my data usage on Twitter?

You can reduce the amount of data used by the Twitter application by enabling the data saving mode. Which allows you to decide what type of media to load in real time to save data consumption. Select the profile picture to access the dashboard or the main menu. Click the button next to the Save Data folder to enable or disable it.

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How much data does Twitter use?

If you want to know how much data the Twitter application uses on your phone. Here is some information for your reference.

Minutes on Twitter Mobile data used
5 30 MB
30 180 MB
60 360 MB
90 540 MB

Table of data usage for Twitter

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How can I reduce my data usage on Twitter?

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Does the iPhone use less data than Android?

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Should I enable or disable the data saving feature on my iPhone?


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