How to make a table in MATLAB?

Matlab is a programming platform used to analyze data, create algorithms and build models. Arrays in Matlab are used to make storing and reading data more efficient and understandable. They consist of row and column oriented variables.

All variables in the table can have different sizes and data types, and all variables have the same number of rows.

A table is a data type used for tabular data. This is one of the most effective ways to group information into columns, which also allows you to find specific information easily.

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In arrays, column-oriented data is stored in a variable. An array, an array of arrays, and an array are often confused in Matlab. They resemble each other and differ only slightly in their characteristics.

Table and table

As mentioned, they consist of row and column oriented variables and store column oriented data like the columns in a text file or a spreadsheet. The variables in the table can have different data types and sizes, although a given column must contain all variables of the same data type. The only restriction is that the number of lines must be the same everywhere. Arrays and arrays of arrays are the same thing.

Martix and table

Matlab is an abbreviation of Matrix Lab. It is therefore primarily designed to perform matrix operations. In an array or matrix, the data type of all variables must be the same, even in different columns. This means that the entire matrix or array has only one data type. Arrays are not as memory efficient as tables.

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We already know that working with spreadsheets increases efficiency and enhances the ability to understand data. They are important for better readability of the table and better understanding of the data.

The table creation methods described below use the following functions:

These simple functions can be used to convert the most complex array, cell or structure into an array, with or without variable names, depending on the syntax. The following presents several ways to create an array in Matlab.

Use keyword table

The keyword table creates an array of tables with named variables that can contain different types. The syntax of the table is explained in the following example.

Here all variables are initialized with their specific data. The array named T is then declared and assigns values to all previously initialized variables. When this code is executed, the output is an array of 6×4.

Syntax for creating an array

The output table has a mixture of data types depending on the property.

Output table

Using a function table2

The array2table function is used to convert a homogeneous array into an array. There are two possible conversions with this method.

Without name variables

In the following syntax, the array A is declared and an array named T is assigned to the array2table function. Matrix T to convert matrix A into a matrix.

Syntax for converting tables to tables

The result of this code is presented as a 4×4 array, without giving specific variable names. Since no variable names are specified in the code, the array takes variable names like A1, A2, A3 and A4.

Output for array-to-array conversion without variable names

To assign variable names, do the following

With variable names

The syntax for printing an array from an array with variable names is very similar to the syntax without variable names. The only significant difference is the use of the array2table function associated with the T-array.

Syntax for converting an array to a table with variable names

Since the variable names are assigned here, there are no A1, A2, A3 and A4 names in the output as before. Instead, it has variable names, such as. B. Fruit.

Output to convert a table to a variable-name table

Also note that in this code one of the numbers is of the data type float (8.7), but this does not cause an error because the higher class data type is always numeric.

With cell2 table function

The cell2table function is used to convert an array of cells into an array. Like the array2table function, this operation can be performed in two ways.

Without name variables

The following syntax is used to convert a cell A predefined by values into an array T using the cell2table function.

Syntax for converting a cell to a table

As with array2table, an array without variable names can be misleading, completely ignoring the purpose of the array.

Output for conversion of cell to table without variable names

You can use the method described below to assign names to variables.

With variable names

The following syntax is used to convert cell A into an array T with variable names for each column.

Syntax for converting cells to arrays with variable names

It is clearly visible that the readability of the table has been maximized.

Output to convert a cell to an array with a variable name

Using the struct2table function

The struct2table function is used to convert an array of structures into an array. When converting to an array, there can be two types of structure arrays. The syntax of the struct2table function for both types of structure arrays is given below.

Scalar structure

Syntax for converting a structure to an array for a scalar structure

The above code shows the initialization of the scalar structure, S. T is an array declaration that converts the structure to an array form using the struct2table function, as shown below.

Output to convert structure to a table for scalar structure

Initializing the variable does not rename the array to A1, A2, and A3 when the data is transferred, as in the previous case with the 2-array array and the 2-array cell.

non-scalar structure

The following code is the syntax for converting a non-scalar structure to an array using the struct2table function.

Syntax for converting a structure to an array for a non-scalar structure

The output table for the non-scalar structure is shown below. The result is the same in both cases.

Structure-to-array conversion output for a non-scalar structure

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