How to complete Futago Bridge’s first sanctuary in Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight

The second district of Tasomachi: Beyond the twilight lies the Futago Bridge. Buried in the mist, like the Shiokadze shipyard, this small town with a huge bridge connecting the two districts is a bit intimidating compared to the port village.

Once you have collected all the obvious sources of earth lanterns scattered around Shiokaze Pier, you should have enough room to enter the shrine, which will be assigned to you upon entry. Otherwise, you will find lanterns buried in the ground and hidden in the bushes on your way to the sanctuary.

Once you’re inside, it’ll be just like the shrines at Shioka Pier. The four torches must be lit with difficulty. This game offers a different challenge than the games that focus on memory and puzzles.

First test – left front


The first challenge is a teleportation challenge where you are transported to a platform with four walkways. You have to keep the right order to move forward. If you make a mistake, you will be sent back to the beginning.

The order of entry is to use the first teleporter, then the one directly in front of you, then the one directly behind you, and finally the teleporter to your left. This will lead you to the other side to get your reward and light the torch.

Second attempt – rear left


Large towers appear with small grassy paths leading to the end, but as soon as you approach the next path, a large ghost wall blocks your way. There is a set path you must take to avoid these walls that only appear as you approach them.

Looking ahead, the right path starts on the far right, passes the first fork, then turns left. From there left again, then right twice. Left, then right twice and straight on at the next intersection, then left again and you’re at the end of this challenge.

Third test – right front


At first glance it looks like there is no way to get through the poles, but if you look at the small black platform on the left and step on it, you will see a path. They are only shown temporarily though, so you have to be quick to run.

Fortunately, the platforms are still there, even though the lights that used to illuminate them are gone. You have to remember the path to the next column. When you reach that one, the next one appears. There are jumps along the way, so keep that in mind when they disappear.

Fourth test – right to left


For the final challenge, you have to stand on the platforms in the correct order to open the door at the end of the room. To provoke it, it is enough to step on each stone once.

The correct order is the front left tile, then the back right tile, then the back left tile and finally the front right tile. You will hear a beep to confirm your entry and the door will slowly open.

After completing this final challenge, head to the four large torches and climb the steps to the door leading to the tree in this shrine. You still have a light and a dashboard.

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