How to Change Your Birthday on Facebook App & PC

Facebook is the perfect social network to connect with your loved ones. You may have made a mistake when creating your Facebook account. Especially when it’s your birthday, man. This can be done through Facebook’s mobile application and the web client on a PC. Facebook allows you to do this, but there are some limitations that you should be aware of. Anyway, in this article I’ll show you a simple way to change your birthday in Facebook’s mobile app and on your computer. So let’s get started…

Your birthday on Facebook

Previously, it was possible to connect to Facebook using your Gmail account. This way Facebook gets your birthday information from your Facebook email account. However, they have now removed this option. Because there are certain requirements for creating a Facebook account.

You must provide an e-mail address or telephone number, as well as your gender and date of birth. Facebook stores this information and displays it on your profile when you set this information to be visible to the public. So it’s up to you to decide how you display your Facebook birthday and related information on your profile.

Change your birthday on Facebook

On Facebook, you can change or modify your birthday information. It’s easy to do, either in the Facebook application or on your computer. However, this procedure is very time-consuming. There are also limitations, but we’ll talk about those at the end of the article. I’ll show you how to change your birth date on Facebook.

On the Facebook application

You can change your birth date in the Facebook application. But, as mentioned above, the process took a little longer. For your information: The following method works and is similar on Android and iPhone. Here’s how to do that in the Facebook application:

On your Facebook profile, press the three dots and select Edit Profile. Now click the Change your information button at the bottom of the page. Press the Edit option next to Basic Information and select Day, Month and Year by DOB. Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking on Save in the top right corner. The following screen shots serve as a guide. There is also other information on the page if you want to change the language, etc. Anyway, it’s up to you.

Change your birthday in the Facebook application

As mentioned above, the above method works on both Android and iOS devices. Make sure you update your Facebook before following the above steps. So here’s how to change your birth dates in the Facebook app for Android and iPhone. Now let’s use the same method with the PC.

In the web version of Facebook (PC)

The process is almost identical to the web version of Facebook. Users can easily switch from the classic version to the new version of Facebook. So we’re going to show you a similar method to change your birth date on Facebook using your computer. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Go to your Facebook account, then to your profile. Click the Edit Profile button under your name and bio. Then scroll down and click Edit your profile. Now click on the Contact and Basic Details option on the left, and then click on the pencil icon (Edit) next to your date of birth in the Basic Details section. Choose the day, month and year as your date of birth. Now save the changes by clicking the Save button.

Editing your birthday on Facebook using a PC.

Birthday restrictions on Facebook

The question now is how often can I change my birthday on Facebook? Well, you can only change your birthday on Facebook three times. However, a certain period of time is required after each change. Also, once you reach the change limit. Then you can’t change it in a simple way.

If you still want to change the date of birth on Facebook, even if you’ve reached your limit. Then just fill out this form and ask Facebook if you can change your birth date. However, you can’t know if you’ll get another chance to change it.

Birthday Facebook change request

Facebook Birthday Privacy Settings

Facebook allows users to make their FB accounts private. This way you have all options to manage the privacy settings of your date of birth on the platform. Finally, you can hide it from the public and from your list of friends and close acquaintances on Facebook. Show it publicly to all Facebook users and there is much more to it.

How to manage your birth date privacy settings on Facebook. You have to come here: Open the Facebook application > Your profile > Three dots > Edit profile > Edit your information > Then tap Edit the following basic information > In the Birthday section, tap Public. Then you have these 4 options: Public, Friends of Friends, Friends Only, Friends List and Just Me. To find out more about these options, read on…

Facebook Birthday Privacy Settings


Once you have chosen a target audience as your audience. Any Facebook user can see information on your Facebook profile, including your date of birth. So be careful when choosing the public option as the audience for your birthday party.

Friends of friends

If you choose Friends of Friends as your birth audience. Your friends and their mutual friends on Facebook can then see and receive notifications when it’s your birthday.

Friends only

This is the best option to choose as an audience for your birthday. Once selected, only users in your Facebook friends list can see and receive messages about your birthday. This is the recommended audience for your Facebook birthday party.

Select Just me to completely hide my birthday on Facebook.

Want to hide your date of birth on Facebook and even the notifications? This is the best option you can choose as an audience for your Facebook birthday party. Once selected, no one but you can see your date of birth on Facebook.

Turn off birthday notifications to others on Facebook

You can easily disable announcing your birthday to others on Facebook. Here’s how: Open the Facebook application and go to your profile. Tap the three dots and then tap Edit Profile. Now click Edit Information and then the Edit button next to Basic Information. In the Birthday section, select Only I as the viewer. Click Save in the upper right corner.

Disable your birthday notifications to other Facebook users

This way you prevent Facebook from disclosing your birthday to others. No one gets a message to wish you a happy birthday. However, your date of birth is completely hidden on Facebook (personal). Then only you can see it.

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