Does an iPad Take Better Photos than an iPhone?

If you’re wondering which device – iPad or iPhone – takes the best photos, we’ll talk about that in today’s article!

Many people wonder if the iPad can match the excellent image quality of the iPhone. We put them up against each other to determine the winner.

Is the iPad’s camera better than the iPhone’s?

Before going into the technical details, let’s not forget that a picture is worth a thousand words. Comparing photos taken under the same conditions with the iPad and the iPhone, we get a clear answer to this question.

And we just did! Below are photos taken with the iPad and photos taken with the phone camera.

Message: The photos below were taken with the iPad Gen 5 (an older model). Newer models have better cameras, but we’re still comparing apples to apples here – so it was compared to a similar iPhone model, the iPhone 8.

But while we don’t have more recent photos at the moment, you can expect similar differences when comparing photos taken with an iPad to those taken with an iPhone.

Let’s take a look at the photo comparisons below!

The top photo of each pair is an iPad photo, and neither has been edited – they were both taken with no special adjustments or post-processing. (We resize the images to 1200px width or height).

iPad photo 1


iPad photo 2


iPad photo 3


As you can see in the example above, the photos taken with the iPad are a bit messy. The photos are perfect, but they lack that little bit that the best camera offers.

That makes sense. Although the AI takes similar photos for the untrained eye, the differences are not so obvious, the iPad has a worse camera than the iPhone. This means that the latter wins in terms of quality.

The iPad’s cameras get better with each new version, but they still can’t take better photos than the iPhone. We’d say even the older generation iPhone takes better photos than the iPad.

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How good is the camera on the iPad?

The cameras on all new iPad models are really good and capable of taking very high quality photos. If you take the time to make sure the exposure and settings are perfect for your photo, you’ll take great photos with your iPad.

Take a look at the chart below to see how iPad cameras have evolved with each new version!

iPad model Year of manufacture Camera parts
iPad Mini 2019 In the background: 8 MP
selfie camera: 7 DETAILS
iPad 7. Generation 2019 In the background: 8 MP
Before : 1.2 MP
iPad Pro 2020 On the back: 12 MP + 10 MP + LiDAR
Front : 7 DETAILS
iPad from 8. Generation 2020 In the background: 8.0 MP AF, iSight with
-five-lens front lens: 1.2 MP
iPad Air 4 2020 In the background: 12 MP, five-element lens, autofocus, large screen recording
: 7MP

Although the jump in megapixels is small, cameras are getting better and better and each new model has improved cameras with better image capture capabilities.

We still can’t call the iPad’s camera more than decent. It’s not as good as the iPhone’s cameras, and even other brands have better cameras than the iPad.

But even outside of cameras, the iPad has its advantages. For example, you can use one of the mice we recommend for the iPad, you can add an external keyboard, and you get a much larger screen (to name just a few key differences).


The iPad’s camera is no better than the iPhone’s. Although the camera of the iPad can not handle color, exposure and contrast, you can still take good pictures with it.

If you’re really looking for a device whose primary purpose is to take very high quality photos and videos, and you have to choose between an iPad and an iPhone, the latter is the clear winner.

iPhones usually have one of the best cameras in the world, even compared to other smartphones of the same price, and they really can’t compete with the iPad’s cameras.

However, if you prefer a larger screen (like the iPad) and you mainly want to take photos for personal use, the iPad is a good choice.

And if you’re still unsure about your choice, just take a look at the photo comparisons above. If you don’t see any major differences (or if the differences don’t bother you), you can confidently choose the iPad over the iPhone if photo capabilities are your main concern.

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frequently asked questions

Does the iPad take good photos?

The iPad’s camera gets better with each new model, but it’s still not a full-fledged camera that can take all the photos. And while the device’s huge screen makes it easy to take great photos, the camera isn’t up to iPhone standards.

Is the iPad better than the iPhone?

Is the iPad better than the iPhone? In many ways, the iPad is a big iPhone that can’t make traditional phone calls. … Thanks to its large screen, the iPad can do things that aren’t so easy on, say, an iPhone. For example, working with Excel or Word. Outside of conversations, the iPad is better for almost any task.

Why do ipads have bad cameras?

That’s why most people don’t use it very often to take pictures. That’s why Apple decided not to build a more powerful/expensive camera module into the iPad, because it would drive up the price of the iPad and force people to pay extra for something most people don’t want.

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