Best Weapons To Infuse With Chaos (Ranked) –

Like Darkness, Chaos Infusions offer a double scale, with damage increasing based on your intelligence and belief.

In general, Chaos is preferred for PvE content, as most enemies are temporarily stunned when hit by fire damage, while fire protection is very common in players’ armor.

Plus, it’s aesthetically perfect for the pyromancer, for those of you who are fashion conscious!

But which weapon should you choose for a two-man climb? I’ll list our best options here.

5. Double watch

The one weapon that makes the list faster cannot be ignored by the guards through repeated hits.

Especially when accompanied by free DPS in the form of bleeding damage.

Unlike other schools of magic, pyromancy tends to be pretty close, so spam and heavy stun weapons are ideal.

And with B/B scaling, the damage is fantastic – melt your enemies to death!

The only downside to these wonders is that you have to switch from your right to your left hand to use your pyroflame.

How to get there: Abandoned by gravestones outside the cathedral in the depths and in unprocessed graves.

4. two-handed

Do you have the rings?

Honestly, I can’t make a list of Chaos weapons without including Father Giant’s specialty, Two-Handed Chaos.

This has inexcusably increased the requirements for dex in DS3. It’s disgusting.

I was ready to take it up for memes and put it at #5, but after researching it, it appears to have an A/A scale when chaos breaks out, which is … really good.

And combined with his massive damage and stuns?

I understand why the giant’s father chose him.

How to get there: Sold by Greyrath after plundering the undead.

3. Astor Grand Slam

Like Zweihander, the big word Astora is an ultra likely scope word that also reaches A/A if infected!

But it’s lighter than the other two: at just $8,000, it’s lighter than most big words, and even less than ultra words.

It has no memofactor, but it does have range, damage, scale and stun, so try it on your hybrids.

How to get there: Caught on a body in the churchyard at the purification chapel fire.

2. Murakumo

Murakumo has been added to many of our lists of elemental brews because it is so good.

And it’s not unlike chaos – reaching an A/A scale and doing massive damage.

In doing so, it is the longest curved grey sword in the game and has a tremendous amount of stun and reusable weapon control.

It’s really hard to go wrong here, and the big, twisted words are a joy.

How to get there: Left by an Alva intruder outside the Iritilian tower.

1. Carthus Greatsword are

And on the subject: Folded-up karts, big words, absolute power.

It seems to have everything – A/A scale, high stun, multihit ability, and even innate bleed!

Sure, it might be slightly weaker than Murakumo, but for the free DPS that Bleed brings, it’s an immediate improvement.

Plus, it’s the easiest big word to bend! This is especially important because hybrids with two states generally have fewer statistics to invest in viability.

Don’t lose sight of that. It’s a monster and one of the best weapons for your pyros.

How to get there: Abandoned by the skeletons of the tomb guardian in the catacombs of Carthus.

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