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Shields are an important part of your equipment in Final Fantasy VI. And sometimes they don’t satisfy.

I’m as guilty as anyone of always wanting to do harm by giving stuff away for my party.

But I’ve come to appreciate the need for these things, and if you’re looking for shield suggestions, you’re in the right place.

8. Turtle shell

Rough shell of the turtle, used by the imperialists.

We’ll start with the sign of the turtle! This is the moment Imp.

You can only unleash the true potential of this item if the wearer suffers from Imp status.

In this case, absorbs water, has the best physical and magical protection, and the second best magical and physical evasion!

That’s right, the only drawback is the imp status you need to get all those practical effects….. otherwise it would be number one.

I’ve got it: Steal the Basilisk and put on the shield or staff cloak.

7. Flame grid

A shield containing the power of Firagi.

The flame shield is next, it’s even almost interchangeable with the ice and thunder shields. But statistically, it’s the lowest of the three.

This absorbs fire magic and invalidates ice magic. But it still creates a weak point for the water.

Furthermore, anyone you equip with this shield can learn Fira 5 times faster!

I’ve got it: Steal from Rau, Ketu obtained from Cyan’s soul, and get Falchion of Ice Shield back.

6. Ice shield

A shield that contains the power of a blizzard.

With a one point higher defense than Fire Shield, this icy alternative ranks pretty high on this list.

Like the fire shield, it can absorb its own element. It also negates fire magic, but creates a weakness for wind.

Ice magic is very common among spell opponents in FF6. So it is always advisable to give this sign to your team.

I’ve got it: The steel of Inferno, kept on Mt. ZoZo, Cian’s soul; with a flame shield or crystal armor.

5. Thunder shield

A shield that contains Tandaga’s energy.

Of the elemental shields in the game, this is honestly an excellent choice.

Like other elemental shields, it absorbs its own element (lightning) and cancels wind, but it provides additional resistance to fire and ice!

This is a very durable and versatile shield that can easily become the first choice of your group members.

However, the real value of this item lies in its value as a deployment item with which you can obtain a fabulous Genji Shield!

Directed by: Fly to Muud Suud; climb Mount ZoZo and the belly of a zone-eater; bid on the Genji Shield, the Genji Gauntlet or the Gauntlet.

4. Rating plate

A shield that protects only against magic.

The description says it all, I think.

The force field is designed for magic protection and gives +70 to magic protection and 50% to magic evasion!

It also gives resistance to fire, ice, lightning, wind, water and earth! And to make it even better, it gives Shell to anyone who has this equipment.

If you are concerned about magical resistance, this shield will help you defend against magical attacks.

In addition, it teaches the shell 5 times more than the owner.

I’ve got it: Kefka’s Tower; Stolen by Gluttony; as a drop of the Ice Dragon; by the use of Paladin’s Shield.

3. Genji Shield

An old sign from a foreign country.

Ah, the typical Genji shield.

The Genji items in all Final Fantasy games are always top notch, and this shield is no exception!

In FF6, it has the second best standard defense of all shields and the fourth best magic defense. Additionally, it offers a 20% evasion against physical and magical attacks.

While it has no innate resistance to the elements, you will find that it is so versatile that this protection is not really necessary.

I’ve got it: Cultivation tower. Keep using the thunder shield

2. Aegis display

A powerful shield that sometimes repels magical attacks.

This shield is very well known in the game, and for good reason.

This shield is overwhelmingly considered the second best in the game, some even consider it the best because it’s a little easier to get the rating of my first choice up.

The Aegis shield offers high physical protection and even higher magical protection with 20% physical evasion and 40% titanic magical evasion!

It may not be the number one sign, but it’s definitely coming.

And you certainly don’t want it to slip through your fingers when you can get it.

I’ve got it: Zozo Mountain, Kefki Tower.

1. Paladin Shield

A beautiful shield that blocks various attacks.

Best shield in FF6. No doubt about it!

You get a large amount of physical and magical protection, as well as 40% physical and magical evasion.

The shield absorbs fire, ice, lightning and even the Holy One!

It also destroys water, wind, poison and earth damage, and even teaches Ultima at x1 speed!

And here’s another fun fact: Paladin’s shield is also the only other way to get Ultima besides Ragnarok Esper.

If you’ve decided to take Ragnarok by the horns, you can read how to hunt Ultima for your group here.

I’ve got it: First, you must obtain the Cursed Shield by recruiting Locke from the World of Ruins and opening the locked doors in Narsh.

The cursed shield must then be used in 256 battles, after which the curse will be lifted and you will receive the paladin’s shield as a prize.

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