About ConStar

10354141_10202472896888203_2344464780002561875_nConstance Gibbs.

Laconic: 29. TV Junkie. Writer. Editor. Black. Nerdy. I love television. TV recaps; discussions on diversity and representation on camera and behind the scenes.

“It’s not our job to cater to the lowest common denominator. It’s our job to raise it.” – The West Wing


Connie Captain America Cosplay

“I’m the captain now.”
Wait—wrong movie. I haven’t seen that one.

Verbose: I love television like Abed loves television. I love television like Kenneth the Page loves television. I refer to it in everyday life and most of my friendships are formed after a long conversation about a TV show we have in common.

This blog used to be a place for me to share my love of and knowledge of television; how it works, what I love about it, and what I am learning as I try to break into the business. Now it holds my portfolio, my old blog, and any random thoughts I can’t get published on another platform.

I really like TV Tropes.

Portfolio: Constance Gibbs

Twitter: @ConStar24

Email: constance.gibbs@gmail.com


One thought on “About ConStar

  1. Janet says:

    girl, you are speaking my language we need to talk, I so agree with you concerning your blog on ‘black dvds’ the reason they dont sell them in the stores is because us black folks do not want to part with our money! we prefer to run to the bootlegger to supply our needs. We are too complacent and need to show the commercial world that we have money. If a black face is not on it; complain, dont buy it!, dont watch it! buy good quality products which includ a black face in the show, film or product! this could well be the answer to create a more diverse world. More people like me and you would find paid work. We the black community are our worst enemy we need to wake up. Dont let ‘ them’ dictate to us WE should let them know what we BUY money talks!!!!



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