About ConStar

10354141_10202472896888203_2344464780002561875_nConstance Gibbs.

Laconic: 29. TV Junkie. Writer. Editor. Black. Nerdy. I love television. TV recaps; discussions on diversity and representation on camera and behind the scenes.

“It’s not our job to cater to the lowest common denominator. It’s our job to raise it.” – The West Wing


Connie Captain America Cosplay

“I’m the captain now.”
Wait—wrong movie. I haven’t seen that one.

Verbose: I love television like Abed loves television. I love television like Kenneth the Page loves television. I refer to it in everyday life and most of my friendships are formed after a long conversation about a TV show we have in common.

This blog used to be a place for me to share my love of and knowledge of television; how it works, what I love about it, and what I am learning as I try to break into the business. Now it holds my portfolio, my old blog, and any random thoughts I can’t get published on another platform.

I really like TV Tropes.

Portfolio: Constance Gibbs

Twitter: @ConStar24

Email: constance.gibbs@gmail.com



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