The Diversity of the Sleepy Hollow Cast Makes Me So Happy

The Sleepy Hollow cast is just all I want from television right now. A diverse cast with (maybe not perfect) but interesting story lines, putting people of color in stories they are not often seen in. I also like nerdy history retellings, supernatural/fantasy stories, and Judeo-Christian lore.

But I mean look at this! Only 3/9 (10 if including Jill Marie Jones soon to recur as Orlando Jones’ character’s ex-wife, 2/9 if you don’t include the Sheriff who was only in the pilot, aside from flashbacks.)

This show and Brooklyn 99 are the best shows (especially new shows) in terms of diversity on network television. Grey’s Anatomy has always been good at it, but I think even these two shows beat out Grey’s.

Sleepy Hollow returns tonight! I’m excited to have it back!


3 thoughts on “The Diversity of the Sleepy Hollow Cast Makes Me So Happy

  1. Janet says:

    This comment may not be appropreiate for this article, read another one of your articles on black sidcoms and totally agree with you. Was trying to find out who you were? I write and have been rejected by this white establishment! I live in the uk and have complained to ofcom I was told it was a matter of sponsorship I think it is all to do with the black community being too complacent and broke. We would rather seek out a bootlegger than support the black film industry. We have to put our money into it so that sponsers see a profit in support all black produce. If there are no black faces in product dont buy it! We r our worst enemies. Black people let the commercial world know we have money!!! If a black face is not in it; complain ,
    dont watch it, dont buy it


    about this and was told it was down to who



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