Statute of Limitations

“Here’s what I propose, for currently airing shows, before you start talking about them, ask if the people you are conversing with are caught up. If they aren’t, you have every right to ask them to leave the room, to continue the conversation, or you can very easily change the subject, if you’d like, until they’re caught up. You have up until a week after the season is over to follow that rule, only because DVRs exist and marathoning is the way of viewing today. That’s only for shows currently airing though. If it’s a show, like Six Feet Under or LOST, I think its safe to say that if they haven’t watched it and you slipped and said something to ruin it, you are not at fault. For older shows I would give them a year after the series finale just to be cautious, after that it’s fair game. The only time the older show law is null and void, is if you are fully aware that someone is marathoning a specific show and you ruin a plot line anyway, in that case, you’re just an asshole!”

The Tiny Protagonist

I think it’s safe to assume that, by now, you know I’m a pretty avid TV watcher. I’ve honed a lot of TV watching skills; like how to manipulate my DVR to get the maximum amount of shows to record, how to tell if a show is going to get canceled or not and how to dodge spoilers from the thousands of outlets I’m surrounded by. I’ve managed to dodge spoilers really well for a while now… until I opened Twitter and read an Entertainment Weekly tweet yesterday. Its been five days since the Breaking Bad finale and everyone, from friends to online sources, have been good about not leaking any spoilers or alerting you when a spoiler is about to be posted. That is until Albuquerque decided to release an “official” obituary for the death of one of the characters on Breaking Bad. Now the fault isn’t Albuquerque’s (even…

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