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Hidden in the caverns and dungeons of Old School RuneScape are clue scrolls. When you find one, you can either trade it in or, if you defeat the enemy it leads to, you can keep it and use it to barter with one of the many clue scroll merchants scattered throughout the realm. These merchants can give you a plethora of items, including some of the best weapons and armor in the game.

As many a fisherman will tell you, finding a clue scroll can be a big turning point in their run. After all, if you’re planning to train your fishing level, you might as well have a good chance of picking up some valuable loot, right? After all, clue scrolls are some of the best rewards in RuneScape for dedicated fishermen, providing a higher variety of fish and items than regular fishing.

If you are a regular to-the-grid Old School RuneScape player, then you would be very familiar with the phrase “clue scroll”. They come in all varieties and all have their own unique rewards. For some, one clue scroll is good enough, but some are like a box of chocolates – you never know what you are going to get.

Everyone loves a treasure hunt! And clue scrolls allow players to solve puzzles and riddles throughout RuneScape, with the chance to win super rare rewards. There are 6 levels of designation roles: Beginner, easy, average, difficult, elite and master. They all offer progressively increasing rewards, with a basic reward of 100 coins for a beginner and a reward for a wizard usually exceeding 400,000. However, there are some ultra-unique rewards that many players are working on. So which of these clue scroll awards should you apply for?

10. Principal role book

word-image-6440 We start our list with a rather cheap, but extremely useful article! The book of main scrolls can be obtained by any level except beginner and has the ability to store teleportation scrolls. This will save you a lot of space in the bank, as it currently contains 15 different slots for teleportation reels and can hold a total of 1000 reels per slot. The book is not hard to find either. The avid coffin hunter is sure to encounter one on his travels. Just be careful when you take it out into the desert. If you die with it, you lose all the scrolls in it, which can cost a ton of gold. How to get it: Can be obtained from the hint roll of any level except the beginner hints.

9. Sacred Sandals

word-image-6441 Holy sandals rarely fall into scroll boxes of medium difficulty and give the second most powerful prayer bonus of all OSRS – +3. They become really useful when you switch to Devote Boots, which offer the best prayer bonus in the footlocker – +5. However, holy sandals require prayer level 31 or higher, and holy boots require prayer level 60 or higher. So pay close attention to which pair best fits your account structure. These boots are often used in Dagannoth Kings or any other PvM location where prayer is needed for long treks. The boots also act as a Saradomin item and can be useful in the God War dungeon. How to get it: Can only be obtained from 1/1133 medium rolls.

8. Pages from God’s book

word-image-6442 The pages of God’s book are really important to almost every account. There are 6 books of gods, each with different effects. For example, Saradomin’s book focuses on improving a player’s defensive metrics, while Zamorac’s book focuses exclusively on improving offensive bonuses. There are only 4 pages in each book, which means there are a total of 24 pages to complete each book in OSRS. Pages can also drop all types of posts except Newbie’s. It won’t be easy to finish the game. The best sites right now are the Unholy Book set and the Book of Darkness set, both of which cost about 200k each for all 4 sites. How to get it: They can be obtained as drops from any index except the beginner index.

7. Armour and gold-plated articles

word-image-6443 The gold objects are made of pure gold. And, well… they’re as rare as gold! Gold armor/items can only be obtained by completing difficult quests and more, and are extremely rare. That means they cost a lot of gp. Most gold plated items have the same bonuses as runic items and can be used in F2P worlds. This means that they have become very common among players who venture out into the wild, and very common among wealthy players who want to show them off. The most expensive gold-plated object is a gold-plated scimitar worth about 17 million! Note that you must have at least 40 defense to wear golden armor, and 40 attack to wield weapons like the 2h sword and scimitar. How to get it: Gold objects can only be obtained from complex clues. The drop rate is greater than 1/10k per item, so gold plated items are very rare!

6. Blessed D’Hide Armor

word-image-6444 The blessed dragon skin comes in 6 different variations, each representing an OSRS god. This makes the individual pieces of each set perfect for protection in places like God War Dungeon. Each set includes a cape, torso, hood, sunglasses, boots and a shield. All sets are worth over a million coins, with the Armadil set having the highest value at 2.6 million coins. This is because 800k boots are normally used for Kri’arrah. God Dragonhide is similar to Black Dragonhide, but extra items like boots and the prayer bonus make these sets much better. How to get it: This armor can only be obtained from hard key rolls.

5. decorative sets

word-image-6445 Having the best benefits is always good. But style is just as important if you really want to look your best. Decorative sets are common in clue scrolls of all levels and can enhance the nature of equipment such as runic scimitars, certain amulets, dragon armor, and crossed swords. Some deco sets are also very affordable, for example. B. the dragon skirt deco set which costs only 8000. Others, like. B. the dragon plate decoration set, which costs over 14 million. Because seeing one of these beauties as a reward for a clue can be, well, very rewarding. And can increase the value of your bank by millions! How to get it: Obtained from the rolls with clues at all levels. However, the more expensive sets can only be obtained with the advice of wizards.

4. Ranger Boots

word-image-6446 Ranger boots are the most coveted reward for medium clues, as the drop frequency is not very high and the difficulty of medium clues is relatively low! Your failure rate (maximum) is 1/378. And considering that the middle clues can be gone through quickly, it’s not bad at all. Plus, these beautiful green boots cost over 35 million and have one of the best range bonuses in OSRS with an attack range bonus of +8. They are also needed (along with the Pegasus crystal) to make the Pegasus boots, which are absolutely the best boots in all of OSRS. How to get it: Can only be obtained from medium scroll boxes.

3. Bloodhound (pet)

word-image-6447 This is probably one of the coolest and most sought after drops on the entire track. The bloodhound is actually a pet that occurs for 1/1000 in wizard clue scrolls. This pet has no real use, but it is very cute and one of the rarest you can get. Plus, there’s nothing cooler than having your sleuthing bloodhound along on a treasure hunt. This drop is usually received by very high level players, as the master directions are difficult to execute and require very high skill. How to get it: Can only be obtained as 1/1000 drops in the wizard’s clue boxes.

2. Armour of the 3rd Era

word-image-6448 The armor of the 3. The era is prestigious, to say the least. And it holds the title of rarest equipment in OSRS (at the time of writing). Several armor items are available in the Epoch 3 set that can only be obtained through complex, elite and workshop keys. Each of these items is dropped fairly infrequently, with a frequency of 1/313k. This makes armor not only rare, but also very expensive. Most of the armor in this set is worth tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of coins, some even billions! Only the richest players have this super rare armor, and it’s the best flexible gear! How to get it: You can only obtain these items from advanced, elite and master level index rolls at a rate of 1/313k (or 0.003%).

1. Kirk the 3rd

word-image-6449 This is the most expensive item in the entire game and the best clue. Like all articles in 3. Era, it is extremely rare and has the same drop rate as the aforementioned armor. This deck works the same way as the Dragon deck, except it requires a minimum attack level of 65 and a loot level of 61 to be used. It has the same special attack as the dragon’s pickaxe. But the craziest thing about this object is its value, which is 2.1 billion coins. This makes it the most expensive item in the entire game. It’s very rare to see someone with this choice. And getting it as a down payment literally changes the game. How to get it: This extremely rare pick can only be obtained from Clue Master crates with an incredibly rare drop rate of 1/313k.The clue scroll rewards in Old School RuneScape are arguably the best in the game. These are the 10 best clues in the game, and there are many more great rewards out there. Why not log on and go find them. But first, check out my blog!. Read more about osrs beginner clue rewards and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are elite clue scrolls worth doing Osrs?

There’s a lot of controversy over what is the best way to train skills in Old School RuneScape. Some players think the best way to go about it is through a variety of different skills whilst some think that if you want to train a skill, you should stick to it! This is the reason why elite clue scrolls were created. To offer a more fun and engaging way to train your skills. However, this hasn’t stopped the debate from raging on, so I thought I would at least try to contribute something to the debate, even if it’s just a small part of it. A lot of people who play “Old School RuneScape” are wondering if elite clue scrolls are worth doing in the game. Now, it would be understandable if you were to answer “no” to this question, primarily because the majority of the rewards for elite clue scrolls are low level items and experience. But, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to collect the items and save the right types of experience for the appropriate levels, then elite clue scrolls are well worth the time and effort.

What can you get from elite clue scroll?

What can you get from elite clue scroll? In this guide I will go through the 10 best clue scroll rewards in Old School RuneScape. In this list I will be talking about items that go above and beyond the normal rewards. This list was compiled by myself and is not definitive. If there is a reward that I have missed, comment below and I will include them in the list. Elite Clue Scroll Rewards 10. Fire Cape 9. Trollheim Teleport 8. Malediction Ward 7. Armadyl Godsword 6. Ascension Crossbow 5. Third Age Melee Armour 4. Third Age Mage Robes 3. Staff of Light 2. Trident of the seas/skulls “What can you get from elite clue scroll?” is a question asked by many people who play the world’s most popular online RPG, RuneScape . The clue scroll is one of the oldest and most popular minigames in the game. It is a task that involves you, a clue scroll, and the whole world of RuneScape . As a reward for your efforts, you can get a variety of different rewards from the drops that you get from your completed clues. The rewards range from magic, melee, ranged, and even Herblore equipment.

Are easy clue scrolls worth it Osrs?

Old School RuneScape has a lot of content, but it’s not all that easy to find. There are a lot of opportunities for players to waste hours of valuable time trying to find easy clue scrolls. If you want to save hours of grinding, then you’ve come to the right place! This article has everything you need to know. BEFORE YOU START: Before getting started, it’s a good idea to make sure you have the following: – At least 20 quest points – A Fire Cape – 54 Magic – Level 93 Prayer – Level 80 Summoning – Level 60 Agility and Construction – Level 20 Mining – Level 35 Woodcutting – Unlocked the Explorer There are many different types of clue scroll in Old School Runescape, but for the most part, they differ in their reward. Easy clue scrolls are some of the most common, and they’re also some of the most lucrative. In fact, some of the rewards that can be obtained through easy clue scrolls are worth around 100,000 gold in the game.

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